Let’s Go Bears 2009

So here we are, the Friday before what is the equivalent of Christmas (or insert non-Christian holiday of your choice), and it feels good.  NFL kickoff weekend is always bittersweet to me.  I love that real football is starting-especially when the Cubs shoot themselves in the feet in August-but it’s also the signal that the spiral into Chicago’s long, cold winter is upon us.  That’s not too disappointing this year either since we didn’t have a summer in Chicago.

You have to admit a couple things about this matchup are to be savored.  The Bears and Packers sharing the national stage of opening day’s marquee game, and the fact that for most of my life, one team in this rivalry was usually up, the other usually down.  Usually the Bears since I’ve been an adult, unfortunately.  It’s pretty exciting to know that the teams should be fairly evenly matched and it should be a good game to watch.  (Granted I’d love it if the Packers were still in the grave, but that’s not the case so I’m trying to make the most of it).

I can’t make a prediction for this game, and I won’t do it for the season this year as I did last year.  In 2008 I was one of the very few that thought the Bears would start strong and beat the Colts on Sunday Night Football opening week, and they did.  But I also didn’t see much hope for the season as a whole; I thought the Bears would finish 7-9 and they surprised me by winning 2 more than that and just missing the playoffs on a blown win in the season finale.

Even I have to admit that offensively the Packers looked good in the preseason.  I hope this is just the preseason of course, but Aaron Rodgers and his receivers look pretty good.  Couple that with a depleted Bears secondary, and there is cause for concern.  Hell, can Zack Bowman stay on the field for more than a series without getting injured?  I hope so.

I do have faith in this Bears team, and no matter what happens Sunday, unlike 2008 I think even if the Bears lose this battle they still have a very good chance of winning the war.  And they should have a very good chance at winning the battle.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. I made the same Christmas/NFL Day comparison yesterday to my wife. It’s really a national holiday. I hate that we have to wait all day to watch The Beloved play the Pack, but it will be great to hear Collinsworth dissect the Bears plays like he did last night. All I know is this team has a really good chance at being really good, and things can go either way, so I hope they swing into the “really good” column. Bear down!

  2. Go Bears!!!!!

  3. Well, I have to wait until monday 2 a.m. to watch the game because of time difference here in Europe… I hate those night games! When will we have sunday MORNING football (although it might interfere with mass at the church or other religious ceremonies)?
    Anyway, I’ll be behind the secondary with Bowman, Manning and company! Go bears!!!

  4. To be honest, I think our only real threat is Green Bay. Ever since Brett Favre signed with the Vikings they were annointed the division crown by all the prognosticators. But I truly believe bringing Favre into the fold is going to blow up in their faces. Just look at what happened last year with the Jets. Favre has looked out of sync with the Vikings thusfar and it’s beyond the fact that he signed late and hasn’t had much time to get acclimated. So I believe it will come down to us and Green Bay. We shall see

  5. The Bears aren’t going to win anything if their receivers don’t quit running the wrong routes and dropping passes. Jesse, the division will come down to the Packers and Vikings. Bears have a good QB, but no real offensive threats. Sure Hester is fast, but he doesn’t run great routes and drops passes. Forte isn’t in the same class as Adrian Peterson. The Vikings D is still the best in the division. Farve isn’t required to win games by himself. Of course Farve looked a little out of sync in the preseason. How did he look today against the Browns? Pretty F-ing good huh?

  6. Nate Vasher, what were you thinking?

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