Let me Make 1 Thing Perfectly Clear

Actually two things. As a huge Chicago Bears fan:

1. I do not want Derrick Anderson.

2. I do not want Donovan McNabb.

I get a lot of “hey, how you doing, how about those Bears, boy, at least they’ll be better once they go after Anderson/McNabb.”

So, to make my opinion on the subject perfectly clear:

1. Derrick Anderson had a nice breakout season, and Cleveland coach Romeo Crennel has announced that he will listen to trade offers from other teams. If Cleveland tenders the restricted free agent at the highest level, that means any team signing him will need to give first and third round picks to the Browns. Outside of this, the Browns will probably ask for the minimum of a first-round pick, or they’ll have Anderson back for one more season. Anderson’s performance tailed off in December.? He could absolutely still be another Rick Mirer for all anyone knows.? There are too many other holes on the Bears to fill to throw away a first-rounder on Derrick Anderson.

2. Donovan McNabb is under contract with the Eagles, a contract that I believe pays him somewhere around $20 million in two seasons. While Philadelphia may go against what they’re saying and listen to offers, they’re not going to give away the face of their franchise. It was reported that the Eagles were asking for three first-round picks for McNabb prior to this year’s trade deadline. There are too many other holes to fill on the Bears to give those picks and that money up for Donovan McNabb, that’s even if he is made available.

3. In case I wasn’t clear, I do NOT want the Bears to pursue either of these quarterbacks. There are too many other holes to fill.

For all I care, re-sign Rex Grossman to a two-year deal, have him battle with Kyle Orton in 2008, in my opinion neither of them wins the Super Bowl for the Bears. In the meantime, fix the problems with the running game, offensive line and at safety, then figure out the quarterback position.

There, that should be clear.

5 Responses to “Let me Make 1 Thing Perfectly Clear”

  1. Man, you hit it right on the bulls-eye. I am also tired of hearing how the Bears would be better off with Anderson or McNabb. How do we know Anderson wasn’t a one year wonder? and McNabb, when he’s healthy he’s a good quarterback, but he’s become injury prone and doesn’t have the greatest confidence in himself. We already have a quarterback with that description in Grossman.

  2. EXACTLY JESSE! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Fix the O line, build a running game, and suddenly both Rex and Kyle become better than average quarterbacks. (Especially Kyle in my opinion.) Funny how that works.

  4. Dump grossman keep K O get rid of benson keep peterson fix the O line K O has proven to fit and makes hardly any mistakes he did take us to the playoffs 3 seasons ago

  5. I can’t make sense of everyone’s disdain for grossman. what we need is to strengthen our offensive line, get a “real” running back who doesn’t want to retire with Ricky Williams and make sure we keep Berrian and bring in an up and coming receiver.We seem to get rid of talent in chicago. Where’s Thomas Jones. Damn…the man was a workhorse. Benson removed himself from the damn Super Bowl game? Is he for real? That totally runs against the grain of a “Bear”. And, I still miss Bobby Engram. Oh yea, Moose is ok. but he’s near retirement if not past it. Sure, we got a great find in this guy, Greg Olsen, to me he’s the ultimate tight end-size and great hands.
    But we need more targets out there.

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