Kurt Warner to the Chicago Bears?

Few things to cover in this update.

First, I’ve been moving my Chicago Bears video collection from VHS to DVD over the last 3 years, slowly and painfully.  Somehow I have manually converted close to 300 games, and now have only about 23 more to go.  Whew.  Recently, I digitized the Falcons at Bears 2005 game.  I just have to say how hilarious it is to watch Rex Grossman enter the field to the rousing cheer of the Soldier Field crowd.  I was there that night, and it was one of the most electric atmospheres I have witnessed there in 30 seasons of attending games.   And how funny it is to look back on the emptiness of it all.

My prediction or preference on Super Bowl 43?  I guess it would be cool to see the Cardinals win a championship for the first time since 1947.  But the Cubs fan in me then realizes it will be as painful as watching the Marlins, Rockies and Diamondbacks have success when your team hasn’t.  Seeing the Cards rise from years of futility to a championship will make me that much more disgusted with the Bears long-term track record.  I will watch the game, have some good food and drinks, but that is all I will derive pleasure from.

And so it appears that Kurt Warner will be testing the market after the big game, and will be looking for a three-year deal.  Of course there are many Bears fans hoping that Jerry Angelo would make a big spash and go for broke while there may or may not be a semblance of a defense left for one more run.  And of course, I’d like our chances better with Warner than Orton.

But think about it, come on.  Would Warner have success in Chicago with a rebuilding offensive line and the dud receiving corps the Bears have?  Incidentally, Vaughn McClure writes today that while Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd are most certainly gone, curiously, he doesn’t mention Rashied Davis.  If Davis is back as anything more than the 5th receiver and special teams player, I will be even more disgusted. Davis took years off my life with his multiple critical dropped passes in 2008.

Warner didn’t even have success in Arizona in 2005 with Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.  Who on God’s Earth would think he could work with Devin Hester, Davis and the mysterious Earl Bennett?

So as I see it,  the 2009 quarterback competition Angelo has alluded to will probably consist of Orton and a spleenless Chris Simms.  How exciting, but I just don’t know that Warner is the right decision.

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  1. What IS the deal with Earl Bennett? All you ever hear about him is how good he is and is going to be, but he can’t make the roster of the Bears? Devin Hester is your #1, Brandon Lloyd is your #2, and Earl Bennett can’t even dress? Rashied Davis is a personafication of Sir Isaac Newton’s law. Maybe he thinks if he bats it down the other team won’t be able to catch it either. In a list of frustrating games this season, the Titan’s game in which he passed a game tying catch that hit him in the numbers almost certainly ranks near the top. Can someone find out why Earl wasn’t playing?

  2. I don’t get why Lloyd is out the door…too pricey? Why even draft prospects if you don’t play them. Watching Garrett Wolfe run that fake punt against TB this year had me convinced I’d be seeing a lot more of him….wrong! Sigh.

  3. Kurt was interviewed by the bears for the job a while back 3/4 seasons ago…

    I was right or correct when they should have picked him back then.

    They opt instead to go with Grossman. All is well!

  4. Yes, I couldnt agree more that Davis not only blew his opportunity to make a mark this season, but he basically took the Elmer Fudd lesson and basically shot himself in the foot on his way to become a solid slot receiver. I still believe that he has some decent Slot Receiver potential, and that due to his lack luster season, we could see a Davis revision next year. I am not taking any bets…..

    I used to think that Lloyd had the potential back in his first 2 years. I read an article about how WR’s start reaching their potential in their 3rd year, so I drafted him late in my Fantasy Picks as a 3rd year receiver. Well, thats why I am not an NFL Scout right?

    Basically, I dont know what we are looking for come next year. Yes, I agree we need some competition at QB and WR. I also believe that we have some very capable tools if the OL solidifies themselves. Maybe that is the answer? Can Williams get himself in the lineup and prove that he was worth the 14th pick last year? Time will tell……GO BEARS!!!

  5. Rashied Davis needs to go back to the arena league.

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