Justice in Odd Bears Win

In the second-to-last game of 2004, the Bears lost to the Lions at Ford Field after being robbed on a poor call by the officials.  And it was the exact same ruling as the one that lost yesterday’s game for the Lions, for those that don’t remember.

The Bears trailed the Lions 19-13 with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game.  Bear quarterback Chad Hutchinson wound up and lofted a 43-yard touchdown pass to rookie receiver Bernard Berrian, who apparently made a beautiful catch on the right side of the end zone.  And it was clear to me that Berrian did make the catch.

But the official cited the exact same rule cited yesterday in Detroit’s 2010 loss, that Berrian (same as Johnson) did not complete the process of making the catch.

In 2004 the officials failed to overturn their call, leading to the Bears loss.  In 2010, same deal, resulting in the Lions loss.

Justice was served.  Many more thoughts on this game, most of them negative.  Be back later.

2 Responses to “Justice in Odd Bears Win”

  1. Justice from ’04 or not, that was an embarrassing way to beat the lowly Lions. I’ll put aside the negatives for now. Positives: Linebackers looked great. Both Cutler and Forte–minus one bad play each–looked very, very good. Not sure what else comes to mind though.

  2. i didnt watch game 2004 i was atmexico playback time 2 weeks later payback time from 1989 insleant replay game

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