Just Say No to Ron Mexico

In this morning’s Tribune, Fred Mitchell states that some fans may have been “anxious” when it was reported that Michael Vick, a.k.a. Ron Mexico, was spotted in O’Hare airport.  I hope Mitchell means that only the fans that own and love dogs were anxious, because I can’t see of any fan actually wanting Vick as the Bears’ backup quarterback.

With more time, I’d go into the reasons, but basically it’s because after all the early-career Vick hype is cast aside, he’s not a good quarterback.  Feel free to read Dan Pompei’s take as well.

By the way, as we all know by now, Vick wasn’t in Chicago yesterday to talk to the Bears.  But it was a scare, since great Lovie Smith friend Tony Dungy is on a mission to get some team to sign poor Ron Mexico, the man that needs a second chance to make millions more than anyone else, apparently.

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  1. I’m 50/50 with Vick. I love dogs so won’t get into the whole dog thing, but I first think of Vick as an offensive weapon that the defense ALWAYS has to account for. Get him in some open space and see what happens. Also, I’d be more comfortable with Vick as the 2nd QB than Hanie. Everyone deserves a second chance, his skill just happens to be in an area where a person makes millions.

    The downside of bringing Vick in would be the media attention, so I just don’t think it’s possible for Vick to sign with a team in a large market without too many distractions.

  2. The only way he works is in a bull**** wild cat role. The only reason he did what he did on a football field is because they had to still follow their assignments downfield. With more teams prepared for the wildcat he will not be as effective. He was never a good quarterback. 54 percent career passer with an average total yards per game even with his rushing included of 207.62 yards per game. Total yards per year with rushing included 2560.6 ypy. Not to mention that he turns the ball over on average once per game. Now while these are marginally better than what the Bears have worked with over the past four years, these are not good overall numbers. People never remember all the plays where Mike Vick got hit in the backfield, or all the interceptions or fumbles lost. They only remember the one he broke off for a big gain, which happened at best once ever other game.

  3. I haven’t forgetten Higgins. I was NEVER a Vick fan, going back to his college days. i never understood the obsession with running QBs. He wasn’t a QB. He was a running back that can throw. My favorite Vick memory was his NFL debut against the Bears. Brian Urlacher thanks Vick for the TD!

  4. How bout the night game in Chicago a few years back when Urlacher chased him down and plastered him? Vick got up and was so pissed – he couldn’t believe Urlacher caught him. Awesome!

  5. What channels will tomorrow night’s game be on? If I go to a place with Direct Ticket, can I watch it?

  6. Nevermind, it will be on NFL Network. The thing that gets me though is that it starts at 7pm central and the NFL Network starts coverage at 7pm eastern and goes until 10pm eastern. So, are they going to have an hour of pregame for a preseason game and then cut off the coverage of the fourth quarter? I don’t get it.

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