Judgment Day for Bears, But Lovie?

2008 Chicago Bears

In 2008 the Bears blew a perfectly arranged opportunity to make the playoffs. Will they avoid that fate today?

December 21st was not judgment day for all of us, as some thought. But December 30th will indeed be just that for the 2012 Bears. But Lovie Smith? Don’t be so sure, regardless of the outcome.

Had a long drive this morning and I admit that my thinking I’ll speak to here was motivated by the WSCR morning crew of Dan Hampton, Matt Bowen and Connor McKnight. But the more I listened-the more I tend to agree. Agree with the thinking that Phil Emery has already made a decision on Lovie Smith’s future with the Bears. And all likelihood is that he’s coming back in 2013.

Let me back up a bit. A few weeks ago, I predicted that the Bears would be in this exact spot. Needing a win at Detroit to get in and possibly some help. At that time, my prediction was that the Bears will blow it. As they did in 2008, when Chicago needed something like three different things to happen in their favor along with a win at Houston. All three things fell their way, and they blew it. (I don’t have to remind everyone who their head coach was at that time).

Look, I hope the Bears win, Green Bay beats Minnesota, and the Bears go to San Francisco and pull off a major upset. But I’m just not so sure that the Bears will take care of business when the chips are down. I know there are some fans that would say no Bear fan should ever think their team isn’t going to win. But that’s not me-I can’t help it-sometimes I just get that feelin’.

If nothing else other than I want to have a good time today before starting my New Year’s resolutions, I certainly hope the Bears win so I have a reason to want to watch the Green Bay-Minnesota game and pull for the Packers for one of the first times I can remember in a long time.

Getting back to Lovie, now I honestly believe he’s coming back no matter what. Why? Because as Hampton and the gang said, Bears GM Phil Emery hasn’t had time to put his mark on the team. And keeping Lovie for one more season buys him one more year of pinning failure on someone else. Makes perfect sense to me, unfortunately. I smell at least two more losses to the Packers coming, unfortunately.

Hey, I’ve been wrong many, many times. But this is the feeling I’m getting at this time. And time will tell.

All I will say as I’ve said again and again and again…if the Bears have decided to fire Lovie if they miss the playoffs, for God’s sake they better have already reached out to their candidate of choice and gauged his interest. And if a move is made make it DECISIVELY for once. The dog and pony shows that went on before the hirings of Smith and Jauron were nauseating, and should that happen again, kiss Bears’ success goodbye for another decade.

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  1. Agreed. Too many blown timeouts, blown challenges, “I didm’t have my team ready to go” in the postgame. Time for an offensive-minded head coach.

  2. As i type this we have just (and I stress the word just) beaten a poor Detroit Lions so Smith has his 10 winning games which for me guarantees him a job in 2013. Emery has to address the O line in the close season and then if the defence can perform like this year then we may have one last chance to be serious contenders next year.

    As for this year, I’m sitting down for the Vikes Packers game rooting for the Pack. Can’t help but think we will stink out the Playoffs should we get there but…… C’mon Green Bay

  3. more later. we were surpassed by a vikings team 2+ behind us in week 11. Christian Ponder led his team into the playoffs.

    LOVIE NEEDS TO BE FIRED TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t care that we won. we nearly lost after being up 20-3. Get him, Tice and Marinelli out now – Clean it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lovie has to be fired along with his staff except for Toub. Get rid of Hester and Davis now!!!!!!!This is just embarassing

  5. Oh, sorry, forgot to add that Leslie Frazier turned a 3-13 team into a 10-6 playoff team, frustrated Aaron Rodgers (f&*^ you, you P*&^y) and overtook us to get in.

    Completely embarassing. I really don’t even know if I want to build around Cutler moving forward. We’re not in, and don’t deserve to be in, we are a joke

    Lovie, FUC&8 YOU and go back to Texas you idiot, you F-ING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If I show up to work and perform half ass at my job, and act like a D-head to my colleagues, will I have a job for long? NO. So why should Lovie, other than the fact that Virginia McCaskey sits in front of a fireplace at age 90+ and says “Lovie is a nice man”

    This is B – SH*&. he needs to go and others need to follow. This is a clown car operation and the fact the Vikings got in and we didn’t, especially looking at the end of November standings, is embarrassing

  7. Looks like you all got your wish. I’m glad they did it quickly – nothing worse that letting these sorts of decisions linger. Let’s hope they can have the new coach in place quickly too.

  8. I disagree with you about the 2008 season. They blew their chances of making the playoffs earlier in the season by losing very winnable games against Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta. The team struggled when Orton was injured, but won three straight to give them a chance. I was at the last game at Houston. Chicago could have won that ballgame, but it turned on two consecutive bad plays by Danieal Manning cost 14 points. When Manning played well against Chicago this year, it ticked me off. In 2012, Chicago only lost to playoff teams, but at times looked sloppy and poorly coached. Every problem the Bears had was foreseeable during preseason. We’ll see if the new guy does any better with the talent they have.

  9. Bye bye Lovie. Talk is about maybe bringing in Denver’s OC — and I hope so! Now, what the hell can they do with Hester? Think we can get an O lineman for him from anybody?

  10. Thanks for the memories Lovie, you made watching the Bears entertaining again but the time is right for a change.

    As Bill said its good that the Bears acted quickly on this and hopefully wont hang around appointing the new coach.

  11. No need to feel sorry for Lovie, thank god they for once pulled the trigger quickly. I mentioned Andy Reid here a few weeks ago before he was actually canned and I think he and his staff should definitely merit looking into.

    He’s a great offensive minded coach and has always be great developing QBs and getting the most out of them. I heard John Clayton earlier pitching him as a potential good fit. I know he has been out of the game for a little while now but I think Brian Billick is an interesting idea.

    If you listen to the post mortem on Lovie, you hear a lot of puppets in the media talking about how much Lovie ‘treated veterans like men’ and he always had their backs, and how much the veterans respected this. Sorry, but that was part of the problem. Coaches aren’t successful by being friends with players and that’s the last thing a GM would want, so hopefully Emery has a decent plan. Getting the ball rolling quickly is a very encouraging sign though. Thank goodness Lovie is finally done with others soon to follow.

  12. Also one other thing is I can’t imagine they would go down this route, but do not want to see them pursue any college coaches – keep the focus on Offensive minded NFL guys, hopefully with decent experience. I don;t know anything about the Denver OC but now all of a sudden he’s a hot name due to what Manning has done this year.

  13. Fire everyone! Fire everyone! Fire everyone!

  14. Grabber i’m so glad you have no say on what happens with the Bears…. I’ll leave it at that.

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