Jordan Palmer is the New Ken Mastrole

Ken Mastrole Chicago BearsLions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Ken Mastrole and Kenny Christian and now Jordan Palmer, oh my!

Watched the final 2013 Chicago Bears preseason game at a GREAT friend’s house tonight. Although we drank and talked through the whole thing, I feel like I’ve never watched a fourth preseason game in more detail. Why? Because fourth preseason games SUCK, and I usually don’t watch them.

On the short drive back to my pad, I heard a couple callers lauding how great Jordan Palmer looked. “What has Josh McCown done better than Palmer did tonight,” one caller said. Carrying on the tradition of Bears fans pining for the third-string quarterback that won’t make the roster based on his performance in the final BS preseason game.

Look, Palmer played pretty good tonight. Against the Browns’ scrubs, throwing to the Bears borderline receivers, passing behind Chicago’s makeshift offensive line, Palmer, Joe Anderson and others looked great.

But let’s not forget the 2002 preseason. In another meaningless preseason game, Bears quarterback Ken Mastrole engineered an 81-yard drive utilizing wide receiver Kenny Christian that impressed Bears fans. As the 2002 Chicago Bears faltered, many of these fans pined for Mastrole as if he would have saved that 4-12 season.

I’m the first to say the most pathetic quarterback to even play in a preseason game is better than 99% of men that have ever played the game at any level. So no offense to Ken Mastrole, who actually has made a name for himself.

But let’s not get carried away. Let’s be glad the preseason is over, and that it’s just ten days to the 2013 Chicago Bears season.

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  1. Wow Roy, nice memory. I would’ve never came up with that name. If Trent Edwards or Jordan Palmer had to play for whatever reason, the Bears would’ve been royally screwed. Where’s Henry Burris where you need him???

  2. Come on JDM, I think you had a Ken Mastrole/Kenny Christian memory in you somewhere.

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