Jerry is Safe, Dan

ESPN-1000 personality Dan McNeil is writing several columns for the Chicago Sun-Times, and today McNeil opines that Jerry Angelo’s future depends on the development of Kyle Orton.

Don’t know that I agree with that.¬† The McCaskey family has shown it can be very forgiving of its executives and coaches.¬† As long as your name isn’t Ditka.

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  1. I get to take my father to his and my first game at Soldier field next week against Minnesota. I was wondering from some people who have more experience at Soldier Field: A) What to expect? B) What are some things that I should not miss when I go? C) Customs and traditions at the Field? As a life long Bears fan growing up just about as far south in Illinois that you can go without being considered in Kentucky, I have been to many Cubs games and to Chicago a ton of times to visit family, but I have never had the good fortune to get to go to a Bears game. Just wanting to know from some real fans, some of the things that I should do before, after, and during the games.

  2. As a life-long Bears fan growing up in Ohio, I have made the trek to Soldier Field several times for Bears games. Get ready for a totally awesome and worthwhile experience! The things that I enjoyed the most (other than the game) were walking through the colonnades, admiring and appreciating the architecture and history of the building, and the veteran’s memorial wall in the North entrance. The first time I arrived at Soldier Field, I felt like I was ‘home’. I had 4th row seats in the South endzone and watched the Bears beat LT and the Chargers 20-7. It was probably the third greatest day of my life, eclipsed only by the birth of my son and my wedding day. As big of a Bears fan as you are, it will be spectacular. Especially if they win! Good luck…and GO BEARS!

  3. ? Nobody else ? Roy ????

  4. E-mail sent, Higgins. Have a great time!

  5. Just don’t use the F word inside the stadium….the Red Coats from Monterrey Security will sneak up behind you and escort you out of the stadium with NO jurisprudence!!! Bears football is a great experience, the fans are as loyal and friendly to their fellow Bears friends as there is in the NFL. The stadium personnel is just as ignorant and inept at what they do as the Bears front office is at what they do!!!

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