Jerky Bears, but a Bears Win

Today on The Score, Laurence Holmes and Dan Hampton got Tommie Harris on the phone for an interview while he was participating in the Bears’ coat drive, and Holmes ended up dropping Tommie and going on a rant because Harris was being a jerk, giving one-word Urlacher type responses to the interviewers.  Then a caller phoned that was at the event and stated also that Harris wasn’t being too friendly to any of the fans there.

That’s a good segue into our biggest story from the weekend in St. Louis.  Saturday night we were at our hotel, which was not the Bears’ hotel, and were in the bar.  I’ve decided to let the player remain nameless here because I’m a fairly decent guy, but a very high-profile player on the Bears defense arrived with a young lady.  Seems that I was the only person that recognized this player, but once I did the very self-assured member of our party asked said defender for an autograph.  Not for me, mind you, I have never seen a Bears player in public and felt the slightest urge to ask for an autograph or even make eye contact with them.

Said defender was, of course, a jerk.  My friends brought him a napkin and he scribbled his name without taking his eyes off the TV to even acknowledge these guys in even a most basic human way.

Had said defender been the least bit cordial, I would have carried on and not told anyone who the player was.  But since he acted this way, when the mulletted woman came over wanting to know who the guy was so she could slobber over him, I was glad to tell her.  She did proceed to slobber over him, then the player took off up to his friend’s hotel room with his vodka on the rocks.

Great win, setting up the biggest Bears game since 2006 next Sunday night in the Metrodome.  I hope the Bears are up to the challenge.  Because if they’re not, the chances of the playoffs to me are slim.

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2 Responses to “Jerky Bears, but a Bears Win”

  1. What is it with Bears players nowadays being jerks? My father did business with Gale Sayers’s computer company from the late 80′s to the mid 90′s and my father said that Gale Sayers was one of the nicest people he’s ever known. It seemed that the ’85 Bears related to the Bears fans and wanted to relate to the fans.

  2. Players are not obligated to sign autographs in public. Sorry, but I never understood the obession of some famous person signing their name. I’m only concered about them showing up and playing well. What you do outside of the team is your business, as long as it’s not illegal. I already know Brian Urlacher is not a model citizen outside of football. I only care about his decline of play the last two years. Again, as long you don’t do anything illegal, you can be who you are.

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