Jaguars at Bears 2008

I do think the Chicago Bears will defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday.  However, if the Bears do lose, I think that they then will finish the 2008 season with a 6-10 record.  I hope it won’t come to that.

In other news:

Add Anthony Adams and Adewale Ogunleye to the list of walking wounded. Also mentioned in that article is the fact that Mark Anderson, he of 12 sacks in the 2006 Chicago Bears season, has now not registered a sack in the last 13 games.

In “the players will hate us and treat us even worse than they already do if absolutely everything we write is negative” department, here’s a reminder that Adrian Peterson’s brother Mike plays for the Jaguars.

Kudos to Bob LeGere of the Daily Herald, who found a different storyline to write about today.  LeGere looks at how the Bears’ passing game has faltered since Kyle Orton’s return from an ankle injury.  Say what you want about Jerry Angelo.  EVERY GM in football will have hits and misses, and the way it works is when your team disappoints, you focus on the misses.  I’m as angry about the misses as anyone.  But honestly, is everyone else as glad as I am that Angelo didn’t give Orton $50 million in October as many (including certain members of the Chicago media) were clamoring for?

Don’t get me wrong, I still hope Orton turns into the quarterback the Bears have craved for 60 years.  But I don’t think he has proven himself worthy of $50 million just yet.

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  1. My thoughts exactly Roy. Remember at the end of last season when the media was urging the Bears to bring in either Derek Anderson or Donovan McNabb? Anderson lost his starting job before being lost for the season due to injury (and who the Browns signed to an extension after being a one year wonder it appears) and McNabb is on thin ice in Philly after being pulled in a game at Philly though he rebounded in his last start. If there’s a lesson to be learned (that should be already) it’s you don’t sign a guy after just one great or even decent year. You need to see that they guy in question is capable of consistent production.

  2. Orton needs real WR’s before he can become a truly successful quarterback. We one of the worst WR corps in the NFL. Rashied Davis has been dropping passes alot, and while Hester has been a bright spot, hes nothing more than a #3 receiver. I’ve been hearing that a lack in production from Orton is a result of teams putting a nickleback on the TE’s, which is our strongest weapon.

  3. Roy, I remember David Haugh’s article, and I wrote to him and said, remember last year’s savior, Derek Anderson. How is he looking right now?? Matt Cassell seems to be the new savior, until his last game…

    It wasn’t necessary to extend Orton just yet. He still has another year left on his contract. On the flip side, Aaron Rogers is a FA after this season. The Packers didn’t want him to hit the market. With the lack of good QBs around the league, I can’t say I blame them.

  4. JDM, you know who I was talking about, huh? Rashied Davis–think about it–he’s our #1 receiver right now. And that is the most preposterous thing. He seems like a really, really good guy, but he is a #5 receiver on a good team. I almost put my fist through the window when he dropped his third pass against the Vikings. Humph.

  5. This is my first post but I’ve been a long time reader. I agree with you 100% Scott. Jerry Angelo you must definitely go after a #1 Wide Out this offseason. Hester, Booker, Davis… they just aren’t going to cut it. Hester could be a very decent #2 Wide Out if he just works at it. When I’m watching the Bears this year, they are failing at FUNDAMENTAL football. With the exception of Mike Brown laying the pipe here and there, who is thankfully healthy for the first time in what feels like a decade, nobody can tackle worth their lives. Our secondary should attend a 10 year-old Pop Warner practice and learn a thing or two during tackling drills. I understand that most people in the league would struggle to tackle Adrian Peterson, but your a damn professional athlete. There were numerous plays where Adrian Peterson was literally dragging Kevin Payne as he was running. If we expect to take down Jacksonville, we need to WRAP UP. Enough of these shoulder thrusts, tackle the damn ball carrier.

  6. Roy,

    Davis can go back to being the #4-5 receiver any day now. You can add more drops to his total after yesterday. He is good on special teams, so he has some value, but get off the field already. What I don’t understand, are these guys any worse than Earl Bennett? You drafted this guy, who happened to lead the SEC in receptions. Yet, he hasn’t been seen on offense this year. This I don’t get.

    To note, I thought the Bears receivers were bad. That was until I saw Jacksonville’s. They are worse…

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