It All Comes Down to This

Here we are, fellow Bears fans.  On December 28, the Chicago Bears need to beat a tough Houston Texans team at Houston, and the Minnesota Vikings must lose to the visiting New York Giants who undoubtedly will be resting stars in order to win the NFC North division title for 2008.

Should the Bears and Vikings win, Chicago still has a chance to secure a wildcard playoff berth, but only if Dallas loses at Philadelphia (probable) AND Tampa loses to Oakland at home (improbable).

Should the Bears win but not make the playoffs, they’ll become only the fifth team since 1990 to finish 10-6 but not make the playoffs.

I know I’ll be planted in my seat Sunday hoping for the best, but thanks to three stupid losses that should have been wins, the Bears deserve to be where they are.

No matter what happens, this has been a far more exciting season than I, and probably any of us, thought.  Based on their preseason performance, I had the Bears no better than 7-9, which was optimistic compared to what the “experts” thought.  Additionally, this season has been nothing short of manic with all the overtime wins and last-minute finishes.  It’s been exciting.

The Bears definitely will have their work cut out for them in deciding in what direction they’d like the team to go to prepare for 2009, and I’ll have plenty to say about that.  But I certainly hope we won’t be writing the postmortem on the 2008 campaign until well into January or February.

Until Sunday, there’s always hope.

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  1. We need to get a new offensive coordinator. The play calling is terrible. Watching them lose to Houston is awful. Another year of players getting their money and then not doing a thing once they get it. I am referring to Urlacher and Hester. We need players who want to play and not get into all of their press. Lovie could go to for all I care.

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