Is This a 6-10 Season?

As I was waking up this morning, figuring out what to write about when everything I can think to write about disgusts me, I thought I would predict the rest of the season.  Then I saw the Tribune writers doing the same thing.  I’m writing this before I look at the article.

But really, what does it matter?  It’s real, real simple.  The Bears are 4-4.  They have played 5 “good” teams out of the 8 (so much for the easy schedule they were supposed to have had).  They are 1-4 against good teams 3-0 against poor teams (Seattle, Cleveland, Detroit).

That makes forecasting the rest of the 2009 season pretty simple, doesn’t it?  Eight more games, six of them are against good teams.  If the Bears can beat St. Louis and Detroit, they’ll go 2-6 down the stretch and finish 6-10.  If they can beat St. Louis and Detroit and not lose all motivation, that is.

That’s not how I hope the season finishes, believe me.  But admit it, given the work in front of us, it’s rather hard to make a case for the Bears not going 6-10, isn’t it?

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  1. Barring some type of miracle or major change, I’d say 6-10 is pretty spot on. It’s sad really, I think we all had high hopes for the season.

  2. Its a pretty accurate assumption. I never thought I would say this but I kinda hope that they have a losing season. I feel it would “force” some changes in that wretched coaching staff. That team is a mess right now and I can’t keep letting lovie and crew off the hook (so to speak). The press conferences say it all. This team lacks heart, motivation, confidence. The team has no swagger whatsoever and they are not “monsters of the midway”. This team has given up on us the fans and themselves. If they don’t get rid of lovie they at least need to get rid of babich, and turner.

  3. Ryan – I’m with you on that weird “hope” that they do poorly for the same reasons.

    Roy – The 49ers look mediocre, same with the Packers and Ravens now. So I’m going to be generous and give the Bears 2 out of those 3 games (49ers and Packers) and also the Rams and Lions, which would make them 9-7. I’m legally insane.

  4. Who knows with this team? They should beat the Rams, Lions and Packers. The Packers are NOT good and I think maybe they’ll sack up and beat them. Then they’ll probably show up and win 1 or 2 games that they have no business winning. We’ll be sitting there, at the end of the season, 8-8 or 9-7, and Lovie will be saying “We’re close…” And the McCaskey’s will believe him, so no major coaching changes will be made, and no major free-agent signings will take place, and the cycle will repeat. Not what I want to see, but I think that’s how it will play out.

  5. I think it’s easy to make a case that they will win one of the games against the “good” teams, maybe even 2. But 7-9 seems like the correct current trajectory. Which doesn’t mean they can’t do better, but they need to start playing better quickly.

  6. Since babich has come to chicago the defense has gone down hill fast. Turner is not the play caller we need and the O-line sucks. The Defense is getting old and lets all pry that Gains shows up because he has not really done anything in Tampa. The coaching staff does need to be shaken up Lovie is a good coach but his supporting cast is worthless

  7. I see this season as a bitter pill that needs to be swallowed. The arrival of Cutler has brought to light that no, it’s not just the QB but there are a whole lot of other problems that need to be addressed. In the off season we will see if the cheapskates that own the team are willing to actually really invest in winning or are satisfied in finally having a big name quarterback and simply want to reap in the profits from it.

    Living in New York and being a Yankee fan I laugh when people cry about the Steinbrenners. It’s a nice feeling having an ownership that’s absolutely fanatical about winning championships. I just wish the Bears had half of that desire bc it’s heartbreaking.

  8. Look, I am 40 years old and there have been nothing but quarterback controversies for 40 years! It is not the quarterback! It never has been!

    This time, It is Turner and Smith. Turner’s play selection is HORRIBLE! And his plays in general, do not open any lanes for the run or for the pass. Every passing play is to throw to where the receiver IS, not where he will be. HELLO! That is a defenders wet-dream! Smith looks as if he is sleepy on the sidelines and lacks authority.

    And Hester, well Hester is not a wide receive! He is never where he should be when he runs his routes! Get rid of him! Trade Hester for a star offensive lineman or two.

    Biggs is in on every play! True Chicago Linebacker. I have never seen anything like it! The guy is 10 times the linebacker Urlacher “the most over-rated linebacker in NFL History!” ever was.

    Kreutz is an animal! Blocking defenders who aren’t even his responsibility. Find 4 more Kreutz types for that line!

    You need a team of Brigg’s & Kreutz’s!

    Get rid of D. Hester, L. Smith, R Turner!

    And are you guys nuts for hiring Rod Marinelli! Stop recirculating you friends! They guy should not have a job in the NFL based upon his resume!

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