In-Game: The War of Attrition

I won’t sit here and blog all night, because I’d rather just watch the game. Or would I? Seriously, before I forget any impressions I wanted to put them out here. I might follow up with some more postgame thoughts, then I am taking a long three day break from being PO’ed about the Chicago Bears.

My early impressions:

  • What the hell is with the NFL Network pregame crew (primarily Chris Collinsworth and Bryant Gumbel said these things). In discussing the OBVIOUS problems with the Bears, here were their comments:

“I just can’t figure it out. The Bears are about great defense and a great running game, and this year they can’t do either.” Don’t you get paid to follow the NFL? Their running game sucks and their defense sucks, that’s all you need to know.

“I think people in Chicago focus too much on Rex Grossman being the problem. It’s more than just him.” Uh, duh. Those were halcyon days when Rex Grossman was the only problem with the Chicago Bears. Uh, we’re more than aware that the Bears’ problems are profound and throughout the entire team, not just at the quarterback position. Do a little local research please.

  • Goodbye Rex. I remember saying after his 2005 preseason ankle injury that I was done with his constant injuries and ready to just see where the team could go behind Kyle Orton. I thought and still think that Orton did a more than admirable job marshalling the 2005 Chicago Bears to the playoffs. I was more than willing to see how Grossman would finish up the 2007 Chicago Bears season, and honestly I wasn’t ready to bench him after the Cowboy loss. Until tonight, I had been thinking the Bears should try to sign him to a reasonable, incentive-laden two year deal in 2008. Come on, with virtually the entire team needing a rebuild, why try to find a new quarterback now? But the ineffectiveness coupled with the injuries makes me finally want to move on. With whom? I have no idea.
  • I was shocked when I saw the hit on Grossman’s knee-it looked pretty bad to me. I can’t believe he was able to walk off the field. Collinsworth said “nobody survives that hit.” Makes me wonder, how is it possible that Brett Favre, having played virtually every snap in a 17-year career, to have never received a hit like that?
  • I repeat again about Bryant Gumbel, I love the guy because he’s a Chicagoan and Bear fan. But I don’t know what’s up with him. Again, I hope he’s OK but he looks like he might be sick, and he continues to say some odd things. On Washinton’s 48-yard missed field goal attempt, he called it as “it’s good”, AFTER the refs had signaled no good. This a week after his “Rick Romo” gaffe. God bless ya, Bryant.
  • I hope we can bid adieu to Brian Griese and his $20 million contract. Griese was a fantastic pickup prior to the 2006 season. But he has no value for a rebuilding team. Griese and Chris Chandler in 2002 were great choices to solidify the backup position. But neither one of these guys can run a team week-to-week. And unfortunately with the Chicago Bears quarterback history being what it is, both were thrust into roles they can not fulfill.
  • God bless ya Adrian Peterson. You play your ass off, and in six years you haven’t made a tenth of what Cedric Benson made on one day-the day he signed his $18 million guarantee. But as much as I love to see you play your heart out, you’re not a number one back. And I don’t think Benson is either. Which further proves we have big problems, Bear fans.

Todd Collins is bad. And he just tossed a TD pass against us. Bad tidings, my friends, bad tidings.

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