I hate the Dallas Cowboys II

If ever there were a lightning-rod team, it’s the Dallas Cowboys.? I don’t think I know a single person that doesn’t either love them or hate them.? There’s no in-between.

I got at least one comment on yesterday’s post from a Cowboy fan.? Thanks for being respectful-I have no hate for Cowboys fans, or Packers fans, for that matter, but I hate the Cowboys and Packers.

And just so you know-if you knew me you’d know that I am far from a smack-talking fan that can never see anything but a Bears victory.? That’s not the kind of fan I am.? Sure, I’m excited for the game, but you never saw me write that the Bears have it locked up or anything like that.? Do I hope Tony Romo will get pantsed and exposed on National TV?? Sure!? Do I guarantee it?? Hell no.? These Rex Grossman-led Bears are as unpredictable as Chicago’s weather.

Here’s the root of my hate of the Cowboys, which is what this post was intended to be about.? When I was in third grade in 1979, I became a Bears fan.? At that time, the Cowboys were at the tail end of their 1970′s run that had them in the Super Bowl every other year or so.? I was outnumbered probably four-to-one by kids that said they were Cowboys fans and loved Tony Dorsett and Roger Staubach.? That made me mad, and even madder in 1985 when most of those kids were all of a sudden Bears fans.

Moral of the story?? I have no beef with people from Dallas, certainly, but even Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nebraska, etc. etc. growing up watching the Cowboys and being life-long fans.? But I think you have a lot of fair-weather fans too, as you didn’t hear much about the Cowboys from about 1997-2005.

But the Cowboys are always like ugly monsters to me.? I figured “finally, the Cowboys are going to suck for a long, long time” from 1986-1989.? Then the ineptitude of the GM of the Minnesota Vikings put a dagger in my side by trading like 15 players and picks for Herschel Walker, giving berth to the damn triplets.

Then after the concussed Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin retired, I basked in Cowboy-down paradise for about eight years.? Now what annoys me is the national media have crowned them world-beaters for steamrolling two crappy teams.? Giving credit where credit’s due, that’s good for them.? The Bears should have steamrolled a horrible team last week and didn’t.

Just temper your enthusiasm, Cowboy fans, until after Sunday night, when I’ll have to put up with thousands of the “faithful” (or fair-weather) at Soldier Field.? One thing I’m pretty certain about is, and I could be wrong, that if the Cowboys win, in all liklihood Rex Grossman will have served the game up to your defense on a silver-starred platter.

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