Houston, A Problem

What more can I say about tonight’s Bears loss to the Houston Texans, the only NFL team Chicago has never beaten (0-3) that you don’t already know?

Bullet points:

- How many more times can this 2012 Bears defense, who I think are playing better than they did in 2006, have their performance squandered by the offense? Two more interceptions from Tim Jennings, adding up to eight in nine games already, for nothing.

- Two momentum-killing fumbles by Kellen Davis and Michael Bush, but even worse two really horrible interceptions thrown into double coverage by Jay Cutler.

- Kellen Davis is really our starting tight end? For how much longer? Sorry for referencing Mike Ditka for those that don’t like it, but I’m pretty sure Ditka would be giving Davis the Bob Avellini treatment tomorrow if he were the coach. Evan Rodriguez was drafted in the fifth round as an Aaron Hernandez-type tight end, not as a fullback, so why not start working him in since that’s the reason he was drafted?

- I heard a lot of talk on the radio about how bad Jason Campbell looked, but what about how bad Cutler looked? From my vantage point those were two ugly interceptions. Campbell is a competent quarterback, or at least he was before getting sucked into the offensive black hole that is Chicago, and as of now we don’t know for how long he’ll need to remain our starting quarterback with Cutler’s injury.

- Hard to believe that this was the year we were finally going to have an NFL offense. How long ago that seems, and thank God we do still have a defense for one more year anyway.

- So are the offensive problems due to Cutler’s inconsistency, or given the fact that Campbell played questionably as well, at what point do we start wondering about the offensive coordinator? I certainly wouldn’t have rooted for Mike Martz to stay for a third season, but I’ll tell you that the Bears didn’t look as inept offensively the last two seasons as they have this year.

I am frustrated, but I do realize the Bears are 7-2, not 2-7. However, Chicago has lost both games they have played against elite teams. And with any offense and less mistakes, they could have won both. But when push comes to shove in the NFL, “could have” isn’t going to get this team past the first round of the playoffs, assuming they get that far.

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  1. They were bound to lose eventually, and nothing went there way. Better to lose to an AFC team than a conference/division opponent. A few things to look at.

    On Cutler’s both ints, they were just as much good plays by Houston than it was bad for Cutler. On the first throw, Davis was cut off and was not in the spot where the pass was thrown. He was contacted a bit, and a flag should’ve been thrown. However, Davis is WAAAYYY too fricken soft for a big man. Marshall would’ve fought it off and been in the position to make the catch.

    On the second int, Houston was man converage after the snap. However, Bennett’s guy left him and cut over to Marshall. If he doesn’t do this, it’s an easy catch for Marshall. It also could be Cutler staring down Marshall, but it was still a good play by the defense. Sometimes, the other team out does you.

    Was Campbell really THAT bad? He threw for one less yard that Shaub did the entire game. It was also a night where throwing the ball was going to be a challenge. Houston was able to run the ball in the first half, and they stopped the run very well.

    I will like to see how things go next week. The SF is the one game I didn’t give them a chance to win. But, even if they lose, it’s still not the end of the season.

  2. I think the Bears come back strong with a win over San Francisco. I hope so anyways.

  3. Thanks for giving me your take, guys. I’d like to hope so also, Perno. But the Bears’ play in “statement games” (at least this year anyway) does not make me hopeful. I’m not as straight-up MAD as some people I know, because the fact of the matter is a team can either be exposed in the regular season or in the playoffs. Their offensive problems have been exposed in the two losses, plain and simple. Even super bowl winning teams have frustrating regular season losses, so we will see where it goes from here.

  4. The offense needs to step up their game. I’d hate to see a Super Bowl caliber defense wasted like this.

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