Higgins on the 2008 Chicago Bears

Keep sending in your 2008 postmortems, and I’ll post them over the next week.¬† Here is today’s postmortem from Higgins, one of our loyal readers:

It could have been worse. We could have gone 7-9 instead of 9-7. I wish I could stop the “fire Lovie, fire Angelo” chants that will assuredly arrise shortly after Bears fans quit mourning this season. That being said, here is what I think we need to address.

Secondary: I definately think we need to address the secondary next year badly. After watching this season, I am not comfortable with either of our corners. They let people get underneath them and can’t tackle. Please keep Mike Brown at strong safety. He is a horrible free safety, but when you keep him at the strong poistion he does work. Trade up in the draft and get me Taylor Mays.

Offensive line: I think having Matt Forte helps this group tremendously. I honestly don’t know where to begin with this group, because their play was great, but I don’t think they can repeat next year.

Running back: Matt Forte is great. Drop Kevin Jones if you are not going to use him. Drop Garrett Wolfe for the same reason. Draft a power back for short yardage situations. Keep Adrian Peterson

Quarterback: Keep Kyle, drop Rex, keep Caleb Hanie, but draft someone who we can groom.

Wide Reciever: Start over from scratch, it couldn’t get any worse.

Tight end: We are good here don’t mess with it.

Line: When did Tommie Harris become a beast again. Too bad we didn’t see this all season, we might have beat Tampa, Atlanta, or Carolina. Keep this group together, drop the Defensive coordinator.

Linebackers: Keep them together, hire a defensive coordinator that won’t drop two of your best guys 30 yards deep.

Say what you want about this season, but man was it exciting to watch. Overtime wins against Green Bay, and the Saints, an overtime loss to Tampa Bay, defeat snatched from the jaws of victory in Carolina and against Atlanta, and a 89 point fiasco against Minnesota. Ok, we didn’t make the playoffs, but the Bears gave us a full season of drama, which always left you on the edge of your seat. God, I love Bears football. GO BEARS!!!

6 Responses to “Higgins on the 2008 Chicago Bears”

  1. Finally, a post that makes sense. I totally agree with every point Mr. Higgins presents.

  2. Looks like dasspunk doesn’t like my posts… :)

  3. Sorry Ron… not what I meant. I meant that I am weary of fans wanting to blow the team up and/or fire Lovie and/or bring in expensive player X, etc….

  4. I hear you…just kidding. I’m not shocked or offended when people think I’m a moron. I’ve actually heard that a few times. Anyway, most of us realize Smith and Angelo aren’t getting fired, so there’s no sense wasting breath on it.

  5. Both lines were manhandled this season. Another Tackle or guard would be nice. A really big NT who could get blockers off of Tommy Harris and a DE with a nasty disposition who could bull rush a tackle. A good fullback maybe (it could help with all the botched goal line runs we had).

  6. For those calling for Lovie’s head, where were you two years ago when he was the lowest paid coach in the league leading the Bears to the Super Bowl? Where you afraid to say anything? Had the Bears not extended him, they would’ve been the laughing stock of the NFL. And yes, it would’ve been an even bigger blunder than the Dave McGinnis fiasco.

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