Harris, Barton, Panthers

I was waiting all week for the huge Chris Harris article, but haven’t seen it.  Ah-it will probably be the big Sunday pregame feature article in the Chicago papers.

What I’m talking about, as many will know, is safety Chris Harris.  Harris was a fifth-round draft pick of the Bears from a small school in Louisana in 2005.  He started the majority of games in 2005 next to Mike Brown and played admirably for a late-round pick from a small school.  In 2006, the Bears drafted Daniael Manning (from another small school, but invested their top pick in the second round), and by week two they replaced Harris in the lineup with Manning.

During training camp 2007, following the Bears’ ill-advised trade for Adam Archuleta, and the Bears giving over $5 million in one season to the washed-up former Ram and Redskin, the Bears traded Harris to the Panthers for a fifth-round pick.

Scorecard here?  The Bears first drafted Manning to replace Harris.  After two seasons, Manning can’t even become the top nickel back let alone a starting safety.  Then they traded for old Smith buddy Archuleta to replace Harris, and the result was a disaster.  Harris?  He’s played lights-out for Carolina and received a contract extension.

Good for Chris Harris.

Speaking of bad personnel moves…as most of us know, the Bears released rookie seventh-round tackle Kirk Barton from Ohio State in order to re-sign 35-year old, gimpy Fred Miller.  I’m sure the hope was to slide Barton onto the practice squad, but forget that.  Miami claimed Barton off waivers and added him to their active roster.  Just saying, but offensive linemen such as long-time veterans Adam Timmerman and Mark Tauscher were seventh-round picks.  Really hope this isn’t another haunter.

Bears vs. Panthers.  In my preseason predictors, I guessed that the Bears would beat the Colts, then be the talk of the national media (hasn’t really happened), then unfortunately lose to the Panthers, even though they’re without receiver Steve Smith.  I really hope I’m wrong, but I can’t change my predictions now.  If the Bears can control the clock with the running game as they did against Indianapolis, and play defense as they did against Indianapolis, I feel they can steal another game.  We’ll see-enjoy it.

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  1. I was also puzzled by the release of Kirk Barton. Outside of Josh Beekman and Chris Williams (when and if he returns healthy) the Bears are seriously gonna need some youth on that O-line. John Tait is 33 and is signed til the end of the 2009 season. Olin Kreutz and Roberto Garza are 31 and 29 respectively, however one has to think they both only have a few good years left before they both start to break down. To me, it made sense to keep Barton and have him sit and develop (as was the approach with Beekman) rather than bringing back that dinosaur Fred Miller. As you stated Roy, let’s hope the Bears are’t made to look bad once again.

  2. Chris Harris looked good today, for the other side.

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