Gooey Butter Cake and a Nice A** Kicking

Anybody ever hear of gooey butter cake? I certainly did not until this last weekend, when in St. Louis I found out all about it. Three times. And I’m glad I did.

Had the luxury of attending the Bears-Rams game in a skybox of all places. Worth every penny of the money I didn’t have to spend (thanks Roger). The photo below shows the view along with the 20% of the peanut butter pie that was left that I couldn’t finish, all 5,000 calories of the portion I couldn’t finish. Unbelievable time.

Not much more to say, other than a funny player tidbit I’ll post later today. I am glad the Bears stepped up and performed as they’re supposed to perform against an inferior team. Whether this is really a season turnaround rather than just beating on a bad team, we shall see.

An extra bonus to a great weekend was that Green Bay got their butts kicked last night.

The pie for my piehole.

3 Responses to “Gooey Butter Cake and a Nice A** Kicking”

  1. I like how there’s a can of Michelob Ultra sitting next your Gooey Butter Cake. As if consuming only 95 calories per beer is going to help keep the weight off after eating that sugary concoction! Are you sure you’re not diabetic now?

  2. I rocked the St. Louis scene as well last weekend, and the fact that I had a waitress that came to my seat was that much better. Now if they would only find a way to get the urinals to come to me, I wouldn’t have to miss a moment. Interceptions on four straight possessions? I know it is only St. Louis, but it has to get our confidence up for Minnesota.

  3. Glad you had a good time too, Higgins. Febster, we were calling out for cardiologists and phlebotomists. But none came and we survived. That actually wasn’t gooey butter cake, that’s Peanut Butter Pie in the photo. Maybe Higgins is familiar with gooey butter cake? It kicks ass. AND FEBSTER….I just liked the Ultra Light cans, and with all the food going in my piehole I figured I’d save some calories somewhere.

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