Comments on: Goodbye, Brian Chicago Bears History Blog by Mon, 20 Apr 2015 22:25:11 +0000 hourly 1 By: Geoff Tue, 25 Dec 2012 08:09:22 +0000 Hey Grabber thanks for the words. You have some good points. Man there sure are a ton of people hung up on the Packers. We sure do compare the Bears to them a whole lot. Yeah it sucks it seems the Packers run circles around us, but no matter how much we hate them, they are not the only other team in the league. We can compare the Bears to other teams sometimes too. Who knows, we might not feel so bad all the time…

By: Grabber Mon, 24 Dec 2012 17:55:30 +0000 Geoff, Roy has addressed many of the points I would myself. I’m not going to waste any more time outlining my thoughts about what the McCaskey family and Ted Phillips have done – or have not done is really the better term, for the last two decades, while the Bears wallow in incompetence.

In the meanwhile, the Packers have run circles around us and exposed the Bears as a joke of an organization. AS far as what Urlacher said goes, I’m less bothered by that than I am about the fact The McCaskey’s clearly don’t and never have given a crap about winning.

I don’t know whay you’re all up in arms supporting Urlacher. I’ve got an Urlacher jersey I’ve been wearing sicne 1999. But he’s just a player, and one that often doesn’t think before he speaks and that’s fine. Does he support Lovie? Of course he does and he’s not the only veteran to say that. You know why? Because Lovie is friend to them first, coach second, and has always got their backs, as so many players like to point out.

That’s not the mark of a good coach. Belicheck is a complete tool as a person but probably the smartest coach in the game. Coaching is about winning, not about being friends and buddies with Urlacher and others and keeping them happy. Lovie’s not out of the woods yet here by any means. Yesterday’s win was expected, now the real test is to see how Lovie can win a game against a dysfunctional Lions team to get into the playoffs. And if he doesn’t, he must be gone, period.

By: Roy Taylor Sun, 23 Dec 2012 18:10:10 +0000 Geoff-this is a great example of how people should disagree. I appreciate you reading the site. What you’re saying makes me want to emphasize that I know two different people that have met Brian in public, and he was completely respectful, cordial and cool. So you may very well be right that I’m being a little too judgmental. Bottom line, the Bears have drafted horribly overall during Lovie Smith’s tenure, thus bottom line, it should be no surprise to anyone that the Bears aren’t going to play on par with the Packers.

If Urlacher would have said “I don’t care if the fans boo….I could care less how they feel about me/us” rather than “I could give a **** less ABOUT the fans, I guess I wouldn’t have been so aggravated.

But as I said, in the end, my life is in my house and at my workplace, not in what Brian Urlacher thinks about a peer group I belong to.

Good points-thanks for reading-Go Bears….

By: Geoff Sun, 23 Dec 2012 03:03:09 +0000 Roy, thanks for your response. Also i appreciate you respecting my opinion, i know i said things a little judgmentally when i don’t really know you or your history. I apologize for that. Also i do understand your frustration over bad play, i don’t live in Chicago and have been a Bears fan for only a decade.. i’m frustrated so i can only imagine how frustrated you are. I just want to point out a few things:
1. Frustration and booing is in every fan’s right, i know that, i just feel that it happens too often (with every NFL team). It seems like fans are so quick to boo at the slightest thing. As i said in my last comment, i think booing really is quite counter productive. If you want your team to do well, i don’t think booing will get that result. I just think it is way overdone and if i were a player it would frustrate me as well when i go put my heart and soul into a game and fall short.

2. I have always been a big fan of Urlacher and am not going to throw that out and hate the guy for something he said after a hard loss. I have seen a ton of good things he has done with fans and different ways he has treated fans with tons of respect. The Bears lost and he was frustrated at booing fans.. like i said i think i would get frustrated at booing too. Who wouldn’t? The only other thing he said was that he didn’t care what media and fans thought about Lovie Smith being coach. I wouldn’t want anything else out of the guy. I don’t want him influenced by fans or media on what he thinks about his head coach. Good for him to stand up for Lovie. I heard nothing in Brian’s comments that made me even think for a second he was saying “to hell with you Geoff”. I don’t think he was saying that at all.

3. I enjoy your blog and your insights about the Bears. I hope you will continue. i guess we will just have to have different opinions on Urlacher.

By: Roy Taylor Sat, 22 Dec 2012 16:27:14 +0000 Geoff,

I respect your opinion; I think I do a pretty good job of respecting everyone’s opinion even if I don’t agree with it. You are right-no NFL team can win every year. I’m not deluded enough to expect that the Bears will win every year. If I were, I suppose I would have stopped being a Bears fan many times over the last 33 seasons. Guess what, despite the fact that I was pretty sure the Bears were going to suck in 1997, 98, 99, 03, 04, etc., I still went to opening day and most every game cheering them on as hard as I did any other year.

In my opinion, that doesn’t mean that any of us should be pleased when they’re losing. We have a confluence of several issues right now that are making the people you see here (including myself, who wrote the post) pissed off.

First, while you are correct that teams can’t win every year, it disgusts us to see the Packers win *PRACTICALLY* every year for 21 seasons now. I believe they have had 2 seasons under .500 in this stretch, and I believe have only missed the playoffs five times. So we’re angry that in the same timeframe the Bears organization has gotten their team *to the playoffs* five times. We’re sick of the status quo.

Second, this is no ordinary collapse for the 2012 Bears. As you probably know, only one other team in the last 23 seasons has started 7-1 and missed the playoffs. That looks like where they are headed, and we’re unhappy.

Finally, to throw on top of this Urlacher telling me that what I have put into supporting his team financially and emotionally for 33 years doesn’t matter to him frustrates me. This is my opinion, yours may differ and that’s fine. The Bears losing doesn’t bother me in the grand scheme of things as much as it used to, because I don’t live my life around them. But frankly when Urlacher says “to hell with me,” I say “to hell with him.” Then I go on with my life.

Some people dispute the fact that I am a customer of the Bears. I am a customer of the Bears, giving them over $2000 of my hard-earned money every year. I believe, and have for a long time that honestly the organization has disdain for me and could care less about my measly $2000. They care about the people that spend six figures a year for a box.

The thing is, they don’t say it. And to me there is a big difference in Urlacher coming out and saying it.

My opinion.

By: Geoff Sat, 22 Dec 2012 04:55:14 +0000 The Bears fans who commented on this post and who wrote this post are exactly why Urlacher said what he said. I am not happy to be counted as a Bears fan with Bears fans like you. I agree with ever word Urlacher said, and glad he said them, it only makes me respect him more. Don’t you think the other 31 teams in the league are trying to win. So are you saying that only 8-10 teams in the league are trying to win and the rest just don’t really give a rats tuckus about winning?
It just amazes me how much of this type of thing i hear from most NFL fans and analysts. EVERYBODY CANT WIN! If it was just an easy formula to put in place don’t you think everyone would be doing it? Then we’d be just right back where we started with a few teams winning and most of the league unhappy and calling for an upheaval. Seriously everyone always thinks they are smarter than those calling the shots and if the team would just listen to them and do what they say the team would win a Super Bowl every year for 10 years straight. If you are so smart, go start your own team and show us all how you can win every year and make all the right decisions and how you make all of your fans happy 100% of the time. Have at it.

By: Grabber Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:58:19 +0000 Forget about being offended about Urlacher insulting paying customers. Let’s point out the obvious – what about the McCaskey family and Teddy?

They’ve been insulting fan’s intelligence for years with their continued dedication to incompetent coaching/front office hires, mediocrity, doing a half-ass job of assembling rosters and other nonsense on and off the field.

More than ever, I absolutely believe if things are ever going to change for the better and stay that way, the McCaskey’s need to be out of the picture completely by selling the team, and that will never happen. That, or one of the McCaskey children needs to step in and play the role of Rocky Wirtz and tell Virginia, Teddy and Michael to get out of the way, and start laying the groundwork for change immediately.
A little different situation, but when Bill Wirtz died, Rocky and John McDonough did an incredible job of resurrecting a Blackhawks organization that was in near financial ruin, a disaster on the ice, and had a diminished fan base that had crumbled for years in apathy.

Together they were committed to winning and rebuilding and in one of the most incredible turnarounds in all of sports helped the Hawks win their first Stanley Cup in nearly 50 years in a 2-3 year window.

Do any of the McCaskey’s have the stones to stand up and actually get committed to winning? Don’t know, but it’s obvious things will certainly continue to run like the Titanic with things as is, and I continue to question why I waste my Sundays with this garbage after consecutive year end meltdowns.

Maybe one of the McCaskey children can go do an internship with the Patriots, Packers, Steelers or Giants and learn how to build a winner for free (which they would love), or even better, pull an old Bears trick and find a ‘consultant’ to give them advice on how not to be morons.

By: Perno Wed, 19 Dec 2012 14:21:26 +0000 I really don’t care about any of the Bears players, I’m more a fan of the Bears in general. I never buy player’s jerseys and always put my name on the jerseys I get, just because of free agency and such. I don’t care if I look like a nerd, it’s a better investment.

By: Steve Tue, 18 Dec 2012 22:52:36 +0000 This latest injury doesn’t help his chances of a return in ’13. I would think his successor would be selected in the upcoming draft. As far as his recent comments are concerned, it was very disappointing to hear him say that about the fans.

By: Rob Tue, 18 Dec 2012 16:22:02 +0000 A lot of football fans are jerks. Several teams have fans that are fameous for booing their own team. Philidelpha Eagles. New York Jets. As a fan of the team in the 80′s, do you remember Chicago fans booing the Bears during the Ditka era?