Friday Five: Bears at Lions 2013

- I get the feeling this is a very different Detroit Lions team the Bears will be facing this Sunday. Different from the Lions teams the Bears have beaten eight of the last nine times the teams have met. Detroit has a powerful offense, especially if Reggie Bush is playing, which he should. More surprisingly, this year the defense appears to be putting it together. Making up for mediocre talent at linebacker and in the secondary is their ferocious defensive line, featuring three former first-round draft picks. If I had a choice, I’d certainly take the days when the Lions blew first round picks on bad receivers in successive drafts (Charles Rogers, Roy Williams, Mike Williams).

- That being said, there is no reason why the Bears should lose this game. The biggest question mark Sunday for the Bears will be the health of Charles Tillman, who has held Lions receiver Calvin Johnson in check better than any corner in the NFL. If Tillman is unable to play due to his sore knee, the task will be delegated to Zack Bowman, a journeyman special teams player. And guess what-Bowman is fighting an injury as well.

- If there was a game so far in 2013 in which Chicago’s pass rush needs to come from its four linemen, it is this game. The starting four of Julius Peppers, Stephen Paea, Henry Melton and Corey Wooton have two sacks. Bears linebackers have three. If Chicago relies on the blitz as heavily as they did against the Steelers last week, I’m afraid the results will not be pretty. And as we know, now Melton is lost for the season and has been replaced by Nick Collins. Here’s hoping Collins is everything the team has been saying he is.

- Especially in the beginning of the Steelers game, the Bears were able to march down the field by relying on quick west coast-style passes. I think in order to be successful against the Lions, the Bears will have to execute the short game to nullify the Detroit pass rush.

- I think the Bears should beat the Lions-if their defense performs to the level they’re capable of. If they get no pass rush on Matthew Stafford, let Reggie Bush run wild and/or whatever corner is playing cannot contain Megatron, we could see an unhappy ending. To a surprising opponent.

2 Responses to “Friday Five: Bears at Lions 2013”

  1. Why couldn’t it have been Calvin to be the one to have a car accident and break his arm?

    [Burleson broke the bones in a single-car accident early Tuesday morning on Interstate 696 in Farmington Hills, Mich., when he hit a center median as he was trying to stop a pizza box from sliding off of the seat.] Bwahahaha!!!

    Oh, well. Bowman better get good help from Conte and Wright and continue to shut Johnson down. I don’t want to see Conte going the wrong way again like he did last week against the Steelers. When in doubt, go to Johnson’s side.

  2. Good thing we have Thunder Foot Gould.

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