Friday 5: Lions at Bears 2013

I admit it. I proclaimed it. I had totally, completely lost faith in the Bears beating the Green Bay Packers on November 4th. I kept faith in 2008, 2009, in the 2010 NFC Championship, in portions of the 2011 and 2012 season. Not so much the late games in those years. But this year I had to completely write off their chances. And the Bears finally beat the Packers for only the second time in five years. And I loved it. The MVP’s for the Bears were abundant: Marc Trestman for the game he called including the gutsy fourth-down attempt, the offensive line, Josh McCown‘s brilliant play, Matt Forte‘s execution, Shea McClellin, Julius Peppers. Who have I missed?

Speaking of McClellin, he was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his three-sack performance. Way to come out of the shell for which he’s been criticized all at once. I don’t have the time to watch the “all-22″ coaches’ film, but I have heard that once again Julius Peppers laid it on the line in the background to sacrifice for the other linemen.

Certainly, Aaron Rodgers‘ first significant injury in his brilliant career as a starter was the difference in the game. I hate to see a player get injured, and Rodgers is a phenomenal player and seemingly a good guy. But the Bears have deserved a break to come their way in the Bears-Packers series for a long, long time. Let me explain. Of course the Packer organization deserves the credit for drafting and developing great players over the last 20 years. But there is no way anyone could claim they haven’t had some damn good fortune as well. In 1992 the Atlanta Falcons gave away Brett Favre. Yes, they got a first-round pick back, but don’t you think they’d re-do that trade in a heartbeat if they could? So Favre is a Hall of Fame quarterback and plays without missing a game for Green Bay for 16 seasons. In 2005, Aaron Rodgers drops in the draft all the way to the 24th pick. So the Packers are lucky as hell that 23 other teams passed on another Hall of Fame quarterback (including the Bears, who took Cedric Benson 20 picks before). Now Rodgers as well has been more durable than 99% of quarterbacks, which is part skill and conditioning but a large part good fortune as well. The Packers have had extremely good luck, and it’s about time the Bears received a little.

Jay Cutler is playing Sunday, just one game after a four-game injury diagnosis. Anyone else think he and the Bears might be better off starting Josh McCown for one more game?

Prediction anyone?

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  1. Roy

    Good post. As we discussed, it’s too bad for the Packers. The Bears were also without their QB, and they are still without Melton and were missing Briggs, too. Depth is the name of the game.

    I do disagree though about McCown and Cutler. If Cutler’s healthy, he should play.

  2. I’m 50/50 on Cutler playing. Not because of how well McCown has played, but I would think one more week off couldn’t hurt. I mean, torn is torn, right? Does it really completely heal in three weeks?

  3. Not sure if Cutler/McCown even matters for this game. If Cutler is 100%, he should play, but the bears will put up some points either way. The real question is if the defense will get raped by Reggie Bush again and give up 40+. If the bears get in hole early, Cutler will give them a better chance.

  4. McCown should definitely be at the helm for at LEAST one more game, I’m more worried about losing Cutler for the (possible) playoff run, and don’t want him to re-aggravate the groin.

    I feel a Bears win coming on, due to something sad or stupid that happens to Detroit. Bears 31 – Lions 28

  5. If Cutler is 100% fit then he should play. That said he’s never practiced properly in three weeks so I can’t understand starting him for this one. McCown has proved he can run the offence so this is an uneccessary risk for me, especially against an aggresive D.

  6. PERNO! Good to hear from ya. All good thoughts, guys. Damn, the Bears have been so good at home against Detroit for so long…let’s hope. And Schwartz is a tool.

  7. I think he should rest and only play if McCown gets into trouble. Drew Bree’s won for the first time here this year, we won in lambeau for the first time in a long time, and the lions haven’t won here in a while so they are due.

  8. I don’t get how we can say that he hasn’t practiced properly in three weeks. We don’t know how much or how little he practiced prior to the Packers game. From the sound of it, he may have practiced some. This week, he took most of the reps. If he’s fine, he’s fine.

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