Free Agency Friday

I’m seeing more and more articles indicating that the Bears will be serious players for Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers.  This is surprising to me after team president Ted Phillips announced that the Bears would not go “hog wild” for new players.

The team that lands Peppers will most certainly have to go hog wild.  Don Pompei of the Tribune writes an accurate summation of the player today, predicting that Peppers will net at least $18 million per year with $40 million guaranteed.  That’s a lot of money for a guy who takes plays off.  One NFL personnel director interviewed recently stated that once Peppers gets his payday, he’ll never put up double-digit sacks again.

Back in 2004, the Bears were serious players for Tennessee defensive end Javon Kearse, until the Eagles outbid everyone and gave the player an eight-year $65 million deal.  And I was glad the Bears didn’t win that sweepstakes because as many predicted, Kearse was a bust in Philadelphia.  I’ve already watched my Chicago Cubs paralyze their future with stupid contracts thrown at the wrong players, and I hope to not see the Bears do it as well.

The free agency period opens at 11 p.m. Chicago time Thursday night.  It will be interesting to wake up Friday and see if the Bears have made any moves.  I will be unable to post further until mid-March, although I will be following the action.  Keep the comments coming!

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  1. I also saw Peter King saying a league source would be surprised if Peppers got more than $10 mil…maybe that’s guaranteed money though.

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