Former and Mighta Been in Playoffs

I love Wisconsin, I really do. And generally Wisconsin people and Packers fans are good people. I think the worst of them are the Chicago Packer fans. So while generally I’m glad the Packers got smoked tonight, once again ending the mirage of the mighty Packer juggernaut, I know there are a lot of true, good Packer fans that are disappointed. So for those, I do feel bad.

But man, what a performance by Colin Kaepernick. I commented while I was out tonight. Imagine the shame in the fact that the Chicago Bears were virtually bare at the quarterback position from 1949-2009, and now it seems that these mobile freaks can be plucked in the second and third rounds at will (by skilled scouts). Jay Cutler is unquestionably the most talented Bears quarterback since the 1940′s (and may break all the Bears passing records before the end of the 2013 Chicago Bears season).  But we will see if his immense talent is finally corralled-and if it isn’t, it will be time to move on with the cupboard bare again.

Two more thoughts on today’s divisional playoff games:

Overall, what an exciting day after an opening weekend of bombs.  I don’t pay much attention to AFC games, but the Broncos-Ravens game was a thriller.  Who would have thought the Broncos would have been knocked off at home after winning eight straight games?  And guess who snagged two interceptions-one returned for a touchdown and another to clinch the win?  None other than five-year Bear Corey Graham, who departed the Bears because Chicago wouldn’t play him enough on defense.  Kudos, Corey.

And it may have just been a small portion of the 49ers game, but for a moment they focused on San Francisco left tackle Joe Staley dominating all-world Packers LB Clay Matthews. And I remember distinctly listening to the 2007 NFL draft on the radio, hoping that the Bears would get the chance to select Staley. But the 49ers picked him two spots in front of the Bears. At the time, I was OK because I thought the Bears were set on the offensive line and needed the playmaker in Greg Olsen more. But I was wrong, it sure would be nice to have that bookend manning the left side in Chicago for a decade.

I guess at this point, I’m rooting for an all-Harbaugh Super Bowl for the second straight season. How cool would that be?

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  1. Hopefully, Cutler was taking notes, but I doubt it. That’s how you respond after making a bad throw against the Packers. An INT returned for a TD on the first possession, only to smoke the defense the rest of the game.

  2. Good point JDM, that was very telling.

  3. would be very cool to see Jim Harbaugh get to the Super Bowl.

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