Forget the Warner Regret

Seems like everywhere the last few days, local journalists are playing up the “Bears could have signed Kurt Warner in 2005″ story.  I really think they should put it to rest and concentrate on more important things, like which retread will actually accept their offer to become offensive coordinator now that candidates A (Jeremy Bates) and B (Tom Clements) are out of the picture.  (Just like 2004 when candidates A-F told the Bears they had no interest in becoming their head coach with the early 90′s-type money and structure the Bears offered).

It’s true, the Bears talked briefly to Kurt Warner’s agent prior to both the 2004 and 2005 seasons.  Both times, they told Warner and agent not to waste their time unless they understood that Rex Grossman would be the undisputed starter.  So Warner didn’t waste his time.  He signed with the New York Giants in 2004, had a mediocre season, then signed with the Cardinals in 2005.  He had another mediocre season and a half, was benched in 2006 before becoming the starter again.

So in Jerry Angelo’s defense, in 2005 it generally wasn’t known if Warner was completely done coming off a poor 2004.  But here’s what local media seems to be forgetting.  Say the Bears do sign Warner in 2005, does anyone out there with a brain really think he would have flourished under Ron Turner and his “I fit square pegs into MY round hole” offense?  Seriously?

Warner has had his late-career renaissance in Arizona flinging the ball around in a pass-happy offense to a bevy of young, talented receivers.  In Chicago under Ron Turner, he would have been asked to hand the ball off and throw careful slant passes now and again.  By 2007 he would have begun to get hit constantly behind a crumbling offensive line.  And he and his wife Yoko would have been frustrated to no end with the system-let’s not forget her phone calls to the media complaining about a similar situation in St. Louis.

Point being, don’t listen to the professionals on this one, fans.  Not sure if it should make us feel better or not, but had they signed Warner, the Bears would have ruined him anyway.

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  1. If you really think about it, the Bears have had quarterback issues for the last decade. Even last year Cutty threw way too many int’s in the red zone. You can blame Turner(deservedly) but overall Orton had best redzone numbers than any other QB in last several years. Orton was cerebral, can Cutler start making the right decisions consistanly? No matter who the OC is, Cutty has to start making the right decisions. His bad decisions took the bears completely out of at least 3 games this year. Its starts with him, bad O-line or not.
    I believe the number one reason Denver traded Cutler was his redzone deficiencies and ultimately his inability to perform in critical situations/games cost Shannahan his job.

  2. Cutler will come around. What if Cutler gets badly injured in camp this year, will the Bears just close up shop for the year? So much is riding on that fella improving.

  3. Agreed on the tired old, “Bears could have had Warner” argument the media here seems to pull out every 6-8 months or so the last few years. On a similar note, Haugh’s “Bears should have had Nick Saban and been Super Bowl Champs” story angle the other day was one of the more ridiculous storylines I’ve seen lately.

    Sure, Saban’s had plenty of success on the college level, but it’s an apples to oranges comparison, and my money says there’s no valid reason to believe Saban has an NFL-caliber mind. Different ballgame from college ball, where his snake oil salesman type personality works for guys like him and Les Miles. In the NFL, no way his approach would have worked with the Bears or anyone else — if he knew he could make it work he’d have made the jump by now.

    re: Cutler, everything I’ve heard from scouts, etc. suggests he can and should improve. It would be practically impossible to have worse red zone numbers next year. The key is getting someone in here that can get inside his head and make sure he gets it on straight. Problem is, I don’t feel the Bears have the brains to do that and find a way to start getting an immediate return on their investment.

  4. I just don’t know. Warner with the 2006 team would have been more effective than Grosman. Do you really think they could have left Warner on the bench in 2005 or in 2006 when Grossman fell apart late in the season. We’ll never know…

  5. The Bears could have had Warner in 1996.

  6. Yes, it was in ’98 that Warner canceled his free agent visit with the Bears because of a bee sting, then went to the Rams, and the rest is history…

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