Favre Retired? For Real?

I’ve vacillated quite frequently the last few days on whether to believe that Brett Favre is truly retired from football or not.

My first thought was, and actually now remains, I will believe it when I see someone other than a guy wearing #4 lining up behind center in September of 2008. Not August of 2008. September of 2008.

I did get to see some of his retirement press conference yesterday, and after watching it I really believed that this was it, there is no way he’s coming back after that.

But the feeling is still there among Bears fans. Mike Mulligan of WSCR today said he fully believes Favre will unretire before the 2008 season. So we will most certainly have to wait and see.

I’m not that afraid, given that the Bears have beaten Favre 4 of the last 6 times they’ve played him, which is nice. And if anything, I truly think now that the Packer organization finally has him out the door, they’re not going to delay the progression to the ultimate future any longer.


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