Falcon Frustration

The Bears needed to score 30 points.  That’s what I thought going into this game.  Now that the defense bends a hell of a lot more than they used to, and now that we have the quarterback that can direct long scoring drives, this offense has to put points on the board.

And they drove the field tonight-but converted just 1 of 4 chances in the red zone.  The Bears had the Falcons on the ropes on Atlanta’s first three possessions, and that’s when they needed to put them away but they didn’t.

I liked Garrett Wolfe’s play.

As much as it seemed the Bears’ defense was getting gashed, really they weren’t and they played pretty well for not forcing a single sack.  Again, if they would have scored 3 touchdowns we would have been in the game.

The ball control has to get better.  How many times did they put the ball on the ground, not even counting Matt Forte’s back-to-back goal line fumbles?

Bottom line, this was a bellweather game.  The Vikings are [upchuck] 6-0.  The Packers are now 3-2 after dominating the lowly Lions.  If the Bears can’t catch the Vikings, this was a game that may go a long way to deciding one of the wildcard spots.

In 2009, the Bears are 1-2 against good teams, 2-0 against bad teams.  What’s going to happen when we do play Minnesota and Baltimore?

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  1. Costly turnovers, penalties and horrible O-Line play is what did us in. The fact Cutler can avoid pressure makes our O-Line look much better than it really is. Frank Omiyale is a terrible Left Guard. Every replay I see of him, I just see him failing at his job.

    It was really only one drive that the Bears defense got gashed on. The drive where the Falcons took the lead, Special teams gave up a 62 yard return and that itself is unacceptable. Matt Ryan didnt pass for the 300 yards I expected him to and limited him to 185 yards. The defense also came out strong in the beginning compared to horrid looking like they have so far this season. The Falcons first three possessions were 3 and out. So they did do well. Nick Roach doesnt look very good in pass protection but looks excellent in run stopping. Hillenmeyer is pretty much the opposite of that.

    Also Pisa got hurt and didnt return again. Is he the new Mike Brown?

  2. It sucks the Bears gave the game away, but this game became less critical when the Eagles lost to Oakland. I thought for sure 11 win might not be good enough to get in, but I guess the crappy teams are capable of pulling off upsets.

  3. And Roy, here is a good question too. What are the Vikings going to do when they play an actual tough road game? They’ve played the Lions, Browns, and Rams on the road so far…

  4. I wished I got paid millions of dollars to hold on to the ball. God willing I would kill someone running into the endzone.

  5. Frustrating game that exposed a lot of issues, even more painful seeing the lucky queens win again. Most obviously the O line is not great and as someone pointed out earlier, Cutler’s ability to make fast decisions and move around is masking some of the issues there.

    Cutler again (and Olsen) tonight made lot of great plays but he continues to make red zone turnovers and that can’t happen. I still don’t know what the real problem is with Forte but something has been off all year with him. Fumbling on back to back plays from inside the 1 is inexcusable and he didn’t show anything tonight.

    After we finally tied it up, the KO return was pathetic and they pretty much walked into the end zone after a handful of plays – looked like the D just quit instead of turning it up a notch. Ryan is good, but not that good. The guy didn’t miss a pass on a couple of scoring drives that just highlight how weak the secondary really is. Plus, look at how confused the D was when they went to hurry up offense – after the first couple of times they did it, it should not have been a surprise anymore, yet they never adjusted. 12 men on the field for the return should never happen but was a wash with pick on the next play.

    If we are going to make the playoffs, conf. games like this are must wins, and like GB game, we gave this away.

  6. Besides the bonehead mistakes, I think the Bears actually looked like an impressive football team. Yes, a good football team doesn’t make all those mistakes, but man the defense was flying to the ball, Cutler was throwing nice pass after nice pass (the running game still sucks), unfortunately it doesn’t matter how you play, it’s about the W’s and L’s…but after this week I think the Bears can hang with anyone. With that said, the only chance the Bears have vs the Vikings is if Favre falls apart later in the year like last year, otherwise Minnesota is running away with this.

  7. Falcons fan just checking in on thoughts from the other side about the game. Not sure why there’s so much doom and gloom in Bears nation, they played a very good Falcons team down to the final minute yet again, and really stymied the Falcons’ big play O more than I thought they would, particularly in the first half. Ryan’s been throwing at a 106 QB rating in the four games prior to this (including at NE), so your D definitely made him look mortal again. I personally can’t see the Bears not getting at least 10 wins this year, particularly with those insane WR weapons you have in Hester and Knox.

    As for your Redzone offense, the oline was a problem, and Forte seems to have lost a step, but Atlanta’s defense is actually one of the stingiest in the NFL in the redzone. It’s a bend-don’t-break D, and they actually rank 3rd overall in points against in the league. Anyways, keep your heads up, I have a feeling the Vikings are going to fall on their face at some point this season.

  8. Well that’s a nice fella right there, good points Mr. StephenW. That’s just how it is in Chicago, everything’s negative about the Bears.

  9. The Bears did not get beaten by the Falcons.
    Almost every statistical category (except the all-important final score) showed that Chicago was the better team.

    The Bears beat themselves.
    The Offensive line did not block. (Cutler had to throw for 300 yards because of this. And guess what When you throw for 300 yards you are bound to have a couple of picks.)

    Also, you can not turn the ball over in the redzone 3 flipping times and expect to win the game.
    Yes, the Bears did not show they can beat a quality team on the road.
    But, they proved they have the talent to beat anyone in the NFL if they can get away from the stupid mental errors. Right Orlando?

    In summary, I think the Bears may have learned enough last night to make a playoff run late in the season. Do not forget, they are just getting comfortable with each other and really should have beaten a Falcons team that is no joke.

    Go Bears!!!!

  10. Not the offensive line, Frank Omiyale does not block. I am rewatching the first half as I type this and the announcers called him out once for not even touching the man that was his to block. I rewatched a play at about 4:00 left in the first quarter where Omiyale pulls out to block for Forte. As he gets into the backfield he has a choice of two men to block and chooses.. ..neither. Both men blow past him and one tackles Forte. Our defense played very well against a very good offensive team. If Cutler doesn’t overthrown an open Olsen for the pick, one of those Falcon touchdowns doesn’t happen. If the Bears don’t turn it over twice within the ten yard line, we get 14 more points. It just seems like I am always saying if with this Bears team. Good teams find a way to close out games. Ball control. Please for God’s sake Ball Control!! At least in the red zone.

  11. I was disappointed in the way the Bears offense performed inside the red zone, but overall I felt they played well. It wasn’t like they weren’t able to move the ball. Cutler, despite not having a legitament go to wide reciever, played like a franchise quarterback. He made some very good passes in some tight spots, throws that very few quarterbacks in the league could make. He’s a gun-slinger, he feels like he can make all the throws. That’s what makes him the player he is, which also can sometimes get into trouble (the interception in the red-zone).

    The defense actually played pretty well too. I was frusterated with some of their tackling, especially late in the game, but when you think that they held the Falcons offense to just 21 points, they kept them into the game. And in reality, that’s all you can ask for is a chance to win late in the game. Even on their last drive, the Falcons were able to score, but that was on a short feild. I wish their secondary played a little better, especially Bowman and Vasher. They’re going to have to prove they can slow the passing game if they want to make a push for the playoffs.

  12. For that INT in the red zone, I don’t think he recognized that corner sitting where he threw it, so it didn’t seem to me like he was trying to squeeze it in there. I could be wrong though. Besides that pick Cutler looked fantastic. The other pick (intended for Olsen) will happen when taking chances.

  13. Couldn’t agree more. Ronald H. Witt Illinois

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