Epilogue on Moss + Culpepper

Over the weekend, noticing the ESPN piece on Randy Moss’ ridiculous idea that he could “get the band back together” with Daunte Culpepper, I wrote a post that the Bears should consider this.

Now please keep in mind, I knew it was a bad idea and would never happen. That although Moss is still in his prime and will be a Hall of Famer despite the attitude, Culpepper is by all accounts washed up.

My point was simply, since in my estimation the Bear offense has been putrid in oh, at least 70 of their 88 seasons of professional football, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. The Bears have plodded along with the idea that their agenda will always succeed since about 1987 (when Jerry Vainisi was fired). And in only one season (2006) did their agenda succeed, although it didn’t completely succeed.

Now that Moss has re-signed with the Patriots, case closed. Didn’t have to think about that long, did we?

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