Epic Bears-Packers Showdown Sunday

The Chicago Bears need to win at Green Bay Sunday in order to lock up the second seed in the playoffs and a first-round bye.  Not to mention knocking the Packers out of the playoffs.  The Packers need a win or they don’t make the postseason.

This will be an epic matchup of the rivals, even though at least the Bears know they have won the division and aren’t fighting for the ability to keep playing, as the Packers are.

This will be an extremely difficult game for the Bears to win, no doubt.  It’s always hard to sweep division rivals.  Aaron Rodgers is 10-1 in his last 11 starts at Lambeau.

So it will be interesting to watch.  No predictions.  The sky will not fall if the Bears lose, but certainly I wouldn’t want to have to play the Packers three times.  So it would be best for the Bears to win and take care of them now.

One more note on what is turning into the flame thread when I recently wrote “Read it and weep, Wisconsin,” since it seems to be attracting a lot of angry Packer fans that are having a hard time spelling the obscenities they cast at me.

I respect the Packers organization, and I know a lot of Packer fans that I like and respect.  It’s funny to see so many Packer fans wanting Mike McCarthy fired, since he always has his team prepared and seems to out-coach his opponent nine times out of 10.  I wrote “Read it and Weep” because, again, the Wisconsin and national media just penciled the Packers in as Super Bowl champs in August of 2009 and 2010.  To them there was no need to even play the regular seasons, it was such a foregone conclusion.

It hasn’t turned out that way.  Certainly the Packers could beat the Bears Sunday, then come to Chicago in the playoffs, beat us at home and go on to win the Super Bowl.  It’s within the realm of possibility, and if that happens I will be flamed again by Packer fans that can’t spell.

But I won’t lose a bit of sleep over it, because as much as I love the Bears, it’s just a game.

Of course, there is also the chance that if the Packers win Sunday to clinch a playoff spot, they come to Chicago and the Bears win.  We just don’t know until it happens.  And until then I expect Packer fans to think their team will win, as Bears fans should feel their team is going to win.

Regardless of misspelled flamings.

9 Responses to “Epic Bears-Packers Showdown Sunday”

  1. I’m pretty sure that if the Eagles lose to the Vikings on Tuesday (unlikely, but still), then the Bears will clinch at least the #2 seed regardless of what happens in Week 17.

    And if the Falcons win on Monday and the Eagles lose on Tuesday, the Bears will be locked into the #2 seed.

    So, the game might turn out to not be as important to the Bears.

  2. Even if the Bears beat the Packers, the Packers can still get into the playoffs with a Giants loss and a Bucs loss. However the Bears wouldnt see the Packers..unless both teams made the NFC Championship (Man, how big of a game would that be?)

  3. I will be attending the game! Can’t wait.

  4. If Green Bay plays with the same tenacity as they did against New York, Chicago won’t be able to keep up with the constant attack. Clay Mathews, for the record, couldn’t possibly be on steroids simply because the league tests all the players. Whoever beleives that is not well educated. Illinois/Minnesota fans have placed a stigma on Wisconsin fans that of which is quite uneducated as well. I’m positive that you could travel to the depths of any of the three states and find some ill reputed individuals, but don’t lump all fans into one because a “Packer fan” hurt your feelings by using profanity. My advice to anyone with hurt feelings is to ignore the bad behavior. That way you win. Unfortunately that may be the only thing you win because the next game against Green Bay is heavily not in your favor and nor is the one after that. Have a wonderful day:-)

  5. JDM-Awesome-enjoy the game! Watch out if it’s a loss for us, those fans will be giving you an earful.

    Realist-Thanks for your concern on what you think is my fragile psyche. If I got my feelings hurt by what people anonymously say online, I would close up shop. I can remove any comment at any time but I enjoy the discourse from people, even those that have no other communications skills other than to resort to childish insults. I think you may need to re-read what I wrote, and I think you also might be confusing what I wrote with the comments. I never said anything about Clay Matthews, let alone anything about him and steroids. If you should take anything from my post (above), it’s that I have no idea whether the Bears are going to win Sunday. As a Bears fan, I hope they do, but whatever happens, happens, and I won’t be losing any sleep over it regardless.

  6. Yeah where did the Clay Matthews thing come from? I haven’t heard that name since everyone was hot on him in the beginning of the year, much less on this blog post.

    Go eat some cheese and get plenty of constipation you cheddar-headed bratwurst hounds. Too bad California took the cheese title from Wisonsin, now you guys are stuck with only the curds and heart palpitations you’ve always had.

    Roy, sorry for the childish insults to Wisconsin…it’s too fun! :)

  7. I think somebody needs to lay off the java injections. So quick to defend your self. Roy Taylor are you a narcissist? Really? I would’nt waste my time with a self serving snake in the grass like you. Anyhow, some random Bear rube made the comment about Claymaker juicing up. As for your trite humor,Perno I’d expect a bit more originality than cheese jokes, come on dig deeper into your imagination bin. A 5th grader can throw out stereotipical redundant humor and get away with it. You must aim higher, that is unless you are indeed a 5th grader. If the Bears do lose on Sunday I’m sure “Bear fan” will think a bit about it before you go to sleep, otherwise why would you all waste your time blogging rebuttles to lowly Packer fans. A loss could mean no 1st round bye and playing a divisional rival twice, and you guy’s don’t want to play Green Bay twice. Good luck Sunday,



  8. This will be the last comment on this subject. For the record, readers, I was referring to other childish comments, not from this guy. But any further comments to dignify any of this would be lost on this person.

  9. I love you Roy, sorry about the sarcasm. Seriously good luck I hope it’s a fun game to watch. I guess Cutler and Rodgers are good friends so that’s pretty cool. Anyhow have fun watching football Sunday and I’ll chat with you later again sorry if I got on your nerves, I was just clowning around hope there’s no hard feelings. You seem like a good fan and that means alot to me.