End of 2008 Chicago Bears

It’s probably a good thing that the Chicago Bears eliminated themselves from playoff contention in 2008, rather than them winning and having someone else eliminate them.  And actually, it’s probably good that they didn’t undeservedly sneak in, because that would probably mask the many holes the Bears need to fill.

As much as some members of the real media clamored for a multi-year deal for Kyle Orton, I think this loss emphasizes that while Orton had a great year by Bears quarterback standards, this probably isn’t the guy to take the Bears to the Super Bowl in 2008.

Hey-it was fun.  Often exhilarating, more often frustrating, but in all better than I thought it would be.   Right now it’s time for me to finish my 2008 Chicago Bears season page at www.bearshistory.com, then get ready to go back to weekly updates on the blog while I work hard and go back to school once again in January, in this challenging economy.

Let me say thank you to each and every one of you that have taken your time to stop by this here blog site throughout the season.  I loved your comments, and am flattered all of you would take the time to stop by and read my thoughts.

Enjoy your new year Bears fans.

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  1. the Bears stunk this season and do not deserve a playoff berth. after last week’s nail-biter victory in OT, it is a shame they could not step up and beat a 2nd rate expansion team like the texans when it counted. it is a huge disappointment, a true embarassment, especially when the other teams who needed to lose for the bears to get to the playoffs as a wildcard did so. the bears need to regroup and dump much of their offense, including kyle orton. better luck next season, i guess…

  2. lets face it fans were at the same junction all teams get to after 5-10 years…we need to shake things up and prepare for the future..We need a severe overhaul on defense. a new offenseve cood.a new defense coord, and some type of wide receiver thats actually a threat..the last 5-6 yrs have been ok?? but we need some fresh blood or we:ll falter like Green Bay. or Philly…

  3. Agree with both your comments, Catherine and Jim. Unfortunately I’m afraid more of the same is in store…

  4. I too am some what relieved they didn’t make the playoffs however I don’t understand the comments regarding Kyle Orton. The guy played well with 0 weapons. Our best WR is Devin Hester, think about that. A guy who never played WR is suddenly, like it or not, our #1. I forgot we still had Rashid Davis until he finally got open late in the 4th. Simply put Kyle Orton has done more with less than any other QB in the league. Look up the stats, look at the QBs that have higher QB ratings. Quickly you’ll learn that with a better TEAM, you’ll have a better QB. If you want to point figers, I suggest you follow the money. The money is on the defensive side of the ball and they are clearly they are just not good enough.

  5. With a 26th ranked offense, and a 14th ranked defense we squeezed about as much out of our 1/2 glass season as could be expected. Look for first addition in the offseason to come from Detroit as soon as Rod gets fired(our next DC?).

  6. sorry for type near the end..

  7. Evening loyal Bears fans..Iam back again. I guess Iam wondering what will happen to Mr Mcnabe and would it be worth the price? If he did become available? We need o/line..d/secondary..and Rex,s value is %20 of what it was 4yrs ago…We can either clean house or try the old (patch the hole wherever we can) fix. Better open up the old checkbook..this town its fans deserve better than this..yet the Bears do so much for everyone..btw..Brian and Mike are probably slipping in their careres now.(I hated to say that)!! but what do we do??? We need to rebuild..

  8. You guys do realize Houston was ranked third in total offense and Andre Johnson is the best receiver in the game today, right? Combine that with the Bears poor pass defense, it shouldn’t be a surprise they got torched. Houston may be second rate on the road, btu they have a pretty solid offense, and played well at home all year. This was the game I was worried about, and I didn’t want it to come down to this. Oh well.

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