My Sunday peaked when in the third quarter of their game, the underdog Chicago Bears led the Carolina Panthers 17-3.  The Bears had the Panthers on the ropes the entire game, and I was loving it.  With the ball, Chicago had the chance to deliver a knockout blow…..then tight end Greg Olsen fumbled for the second time in the game, and the Bears suffered a defeat in embarrassing fashion.

Penalties on offense that nullified several long Matt Forte runs.  Repeated penalties on special teams that continually had the Bears starting well inside their 20.  Starting quarterback Kyle Orton’s failure to connect with wide-open receivers on two occassions.  Terrible, terrible playcalling and execution on the Bears’ final drive with two minutes remaining in the game.  One third-and-one from the 50, a sideline pass is thrown that is nearly picked off for a score.  On fourth-and-one, the same fullback dive that had been run several times in the game is called, and Jason McKie is stuffed.

No doubt, Lovie will be telling us that all is fine, he likes his guys, and the fans and the media just don’t know anything.

Yes, in my predictions before the season, I thought the Bears would beat the Colts but not have the strength or motivation to win the following week, but I didn’t want to be right.  If they just would have fallen flat in Carolina, I would have felt better than how it turned out, squandering a 17-3 lead and completely blowing the game.

One thing for sure–the defense and special teams’ can’t be blamed for this loss.  I am a little surprised and totally impressed with the 2008 defense still.

And then again, most would have predicted an 0-2 start to 2008.  I feel that we should be 2-1 after the home opener.  Only with another Jauron/Wanny-esque “stealing defeat from the jaws of victory” like yesterday should we be 1-2.  Next week is winnable.

The second whammy of the day?  I have watched or listened to virtually every single Chicago Cubs game since 2004.  Rarely do I leave a game in progress.  Last night with the Cubs up 5-0, I figured I’d try to get rested up for my normal 5 a.m. start Monday morning.  Be rested for once.  I had no idea that the Cubs’ first no-hitter since 1972 was in progress.  Then I couldn’t get to sleep until 11:30 p.m. anyway, after the wife came to bed and said “you did see Zambrano throw a no-hitter, right?”

AARRGGHH!  Not a good Sunday, personally.

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  1. Not a good Sunday at all. Can someone check to see how many yards rushing Matt Forte would have had without any of his runs being called back? The Bears defense was so very dominating in the first half. Vaughn McClure gave the Bears defense a grade of “C”, which makes me wonder if he watched the game, because he gave the same grade to the offense, which is way more responsible for the 20 points Carolina scored than the defense is. What do you expect when penalties force you to punt from 4th and 19 on your own 10 every time you get the ball? Poor, poor, poor showing from the offense all around. We should be 2-0.

  2. I just wanted to let you folks know that a whole flock of Birds fans are coming to your town and you’re going down, down, in blaze of feathers and talons

  3. Please, if you are going to talk trash, and post on this website, then at least have the common courtesy to be gramatically correct. Also, if it is a “blaze of feathers and talons” then wouldn’t that mean that an eagle was being roasted?

  4. You go Higgins!

  5. Eagles being roasted. Ha! Classic.

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