Disappointment Fork Towel Toast Done

This is not an article, just a series of disjointed comments on the final day of the the Chicago Bears season for all intents and purposes.

- Good buddy Doug, fellow section 249 resident before the game: “has their ever been a team in such a good position that had such a dramatic turn to their season…?” Prophetic. I don’t know. Today we witnessed the final nail in the coffin of a team that started 7-3, a shoo-in for the playoffs, and played their own way out by losing four in a row.

- I have no doubt in my mind that the Bears would be 11-3 right now with Jay Cutler and Matt Forte in the lineup. Call it whining about circumstances, but as much of a Bears realist/pessimist as I am, I truly believe this.

- I’m the type that has to be in my seats 10-15 minutes before kickoff. Today those of us enjoying the final tailgate took our sweet time, arrived after kickoff, and we admittedly left well before the final gun. I thought all along this was going to be an ugly loss and it was.

- I do feel for Caleb Hanie. A free agent to be, he had his chance to shine and play his way into a nice, solid backup quarterback contract. Now we all know all he has done is played him out of the NFL. Seems like a good guy and I feel for him, but I guess he’s just not an NFL player. Lucky for him he got to earn the pay as a backup for four years before he was exposed.

- Apparently normally tight-lipped Lovie Smith has acknowledged that he doesn’t know if Hanie will start at Green Bay. What does it matter anyway, really?

- I’ve been trying to come to grips with the probable Green Bay Packers undefeated season all year. Then they lose to Kyle Orton and the Kansas City Chiefs. Good for the Chiefs.

- Free agent to be Orton had better be offered the most lucrative backup contract in the NFL in 2012 by Jerry Angelo, if he returns.

It’s all about 2012 now, fellow fans. The ride was nice while it lasted.

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  1. Great title to the post! At least something entertaining came out of that debacle :)

  2. Well, the Bears were 6-2 in 1995 and were in first place. We all knew how that ended. And, that team didn’t have an excuse like this one does…

  3. When Cutler went down at 7-3, I realistically thought going 3-3 with Hanie was doable; with Seattle and KC on the docket, there is no reason that we shouldn’t have gotten at least 3 wins of the 6.

    Now seeing Caleb guide us to 0-4 and out of everything, let’s look at the accountability. Lots of teams get injuries, and we all know Forte was blow #2. But the Packers had half their starters on IR for most of last year, held it together, and won it all.

    Angelo’s roster of garbage has finally reached the breaking point. Martz clearly wasn’t capable of working with Hanie to get a game plan implemented to control the clock and get wins. Going 0-4 in this stretch is unacceptable, and this is the latest and worst of those embarrassing 4 losses. Getting the doors blown off 31-0 in the second half against a team like this? That’s as embarrassing as it gets. But I don’t feel one bit sorry for Hanie; he may be a nice guy, but he had to be ready when he got his chance, and 4 years of holding a clipboard and 4 starts later, it’s obvious he’s not going to make it. Maybe he can track down Jonathan Quinn on Facebook and brainstorm new career ideas.

    Much noise will and already is being made that Angelo may well gracefully retire into the sunset in the near future and hand the keys to waiting in the wings buddy Tim Ruskell.

    I would urge season ticket holders that hand over thousands of dollars annually to watch this team and all Bears fans that they make themselves heard LOUD AND CLEAR that Ruskell is not an acceptable solution. Not unless you want to watch another 10 years of mangled/botched drafts, poor FA signings, and general incompetence.

  4. I actually enjoyed seeing Aaron Rodgers do his annoying underhanded double fist pump after one of the scores, then see him lose.

  5. yes 0-4, but really disappointment easily it could have been 2-2. Chiefs many many many mistakes. Broncos unbelievable. 9-5. I hate to see the Lions in.

    One good thing Hanie now known.

  6. The packers overcame injuries, but not the injury of their quarterback for 4 games at least, as we’ve had to. I think it’s a big difference.
    Sorry for this, but I’ll place some of the blame on Cutler for this 0-4 slide. He hurt himself on an unnecessary tackle attempt. I understand he was trying to help his team, but 1) the score at the time did not indicate the touchdown to be would be so crucial as to try to prevent it at all costs and 2) it should have also come to his mind that his health for the games left to be played was at least as important as the outcome of this game (which was already decided at 90%). I guess this “quitter” trademark got to him. He did too much, I think it is his responsibility to not get injured on those kind of plays.

    I hope Knox fully recovers, but I’m afraid we won’t see him next year. Damn!

  7. Sven, I understand your reasoning, but how do you fault a player for hustle? The best players, regardless of sport, react instinctively. They do not stop to contemplate future ramifications of the actions they take on the field. I’m guessing that Cutler played both ways (offense & defense) from his pee-wee days all the way up to high school and probably made hundreds of tackles during that time. He reacted instinctively. He threw an interception (even though it was not his fault, as Knox fell down on the play), and he did everything in his power to keep that play from resulting in a touchdown for the opposition. Hindsight is 20/20. You hate to see your quarterback get hurt on a play like that, but anyone who has ever played a sport that they love knows that you give it your all every second you are on that field. At least the best players do.

  8. The Packers lost their starting QB for a game and a half last season. And, they lost both of those games. While what they did last year was impressive, they did not lose their QB for a long period of time. While I agree the Packers roster is better, they don’t have much a running game and their defense is very suspect this year. All you have to do is watch the KC game. KC marched up and down the field at will. The Packers defense, which had been forcing plenty of turnovers, didn’t force one. But, the Packers did a good job in the red zone. But, Rodgers was finally off. If he makes the throws he’s making all season, they win. But, he didn’t. You say the Bears were relied too much on their QB? well, that’s the reality of today’s NFL. NE has the worst defense in the league and not much of a running game. Somehow, I don’t think they will be 11-3 without Tom Brady.
    As for Cutler going for the tackle, I think it’s a rather silly statement. Had SD returned for a TD, it’s a one score game. Remember when Stafford pretty much let Charles Tillman run by him how much flack he got? Cutler would’ve gotten the same thing. It sucks what happened to him, but it’s football.

  9. I appreciate Cutler’s effort to help his teammates of course, anybody with a team spirit would have done the same thing. But on the other hand, the thing is there is always talk about “protecting the quarterback” and how the quarterback is the key position (that you don’t want to get injured). So where is the tipping point in pro football when there’s so much at stake? Bah, sorry for this hindsight silliness, I guess this one injury is a bit hard to swallow.

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