Did I just see what I just saw?

Outhouse to the Penthouse-Jason Elam.  Penthouse to the Outhouse-me.  I still can’t freaking believe what I just witnessed.

I had a full two pages of notes written on today’s Bears-Falcons game, something I rarely have a chance to do when I’m at virtually every Bears game.  But I’m not going to use most of them, because I’m always disgusted when the Bears blow a winnable game and I just can’t sit here and think about what just transpired.  Much more disgusted when they lose a game against a better team for good reason.

I believe I wrote earlier in the week that these are the games I fear being a Bears fan.  Everyone in the world thinks they should win, and will win, and the team seems to go to sleep.  That’s what seems to have happened today.  Good teams win the games they should win, and then some.  This is a game the Bears should have won if they’re a good team.  They didn’t.  Look, I admit I caught the “Bears are for real, despite what the critics say” fever this week, because that’s the way I want it to be.

But there were reasons why I predicted a 7-9 finish, and some of them showed today.  Division and conference-winning teams don’t let inferior clubs stick it up the giggy on them, and that’s what the Bears did today.

I’m still proud of what the Bears have done this season-I believe I thought they’d be 1-4 right now, they’re not, and I’m very glad that I was wrong about that.  They’re better in so many areas than they could be right now, and due to that I’m very happy and satisfied.  A lot of guys are outplaying what we have seen their skills to be to this point in their careers.  But let’s not get carried away with the talk we heard earlier this week based on their first place standing, which may now be erased.

I’m so disgusted, as a matter of fact, I’m not even going to say anything about today’s appearance of Leon Lett in a #91 Chicago Bears jersey.  I thought Leon had retired years ago. For our younger readers, you can read about some of the shockingly stupid mental lapses Leon Lett had here. Tommie Harris is human, like I am, and I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life, but this was most definitely a stupid, stupid play from Tommie.

The Bears were beat today by a team that looked 10 times more prepared for the challenge than did the Bears.  One of the notes I wrote down was “Lovie has a perpetual look of concern/confusion on his face”.  Maybe he realized his opponents considered this a more important game to win than did his own team?  Maybe next week he’ll spend more time on reminding his team that these are the games they have to win?

How must Kyle Orton feel right now?  He did everything he could do to be a clutch quarterback and win this game.  What looked to be the positive watershed moment for this Chicago Bears team now has turned into the kind of thing that turns the season south.

This is Monday’s post.  On Monday, I’ll be busily back at work, yet still too stunned and disgusted to give any more thought to the Bears.

Remember 2001?  We remember those fantastic, improbable finishes that ended in our favor, right?  Payback and karma is indeed a bitch.

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  1. You kick the #$&%ing ball deep with 11 seconds to go you #$%&ing idiots. The Bears find a way to loose again. This is all on Lovie – I predict we will never win with his leadership…pissed off bears fan – Zot

  2. Dusty Smith should be fired. Special Teams Coach be fired, and Mike Brown be released… What a bunch of moronic fools!!

  3. Yeah guys, the only thing that makes me feel slightly better is being able to commiserate about it. I have to admit what Zot just said is right and I didn’t even think about that–you kick the *&&^(*%*&% %*(^)(* ball into the end zone and that most likely doesn’t happen. That is an unforgivable mistake by the coaching staff.

  4. Mike Brown could have also attempted to pull the buy back in bounds, and that would have ended the game as well – why push him out? This team should be 6-0 or 5-1 at worst with better coaching and a little better play on defense – although they are playing the scheme the coaches gave them. Yeah, it does feel a little better to vent, but somehow it’s not enough.

  5. I have been watching them all my life and have seen only a handful of 4th quarter comebacks. They had the game in hand and Lovie let it slip away. Only the Bears would sign an inept clown like him to a long term contract. I can live with the squib kick given the previous kickoff return but the defensive set that was called for the final play was moronic. I thought Smith was supposed to be a defensive minded coach. How about a three man rush and a prevent backfield, even if you have to use wide receivers back there. I swear he listens to easy listening music on his headset. I’ve never seen him communicating with the coaches upstairs.

  6. Why even give the Falcons a chance? Why not just kick it out of the back of the endzone? It’s a hell of a lot harder going 50 yards (which would still leave for a difficult field goal) in six seconds than it is going 30. Toub should get canned for this, or whoever it was that made that horrible call. I also don’t know why the Bears didn’t blitz more. Without Vasher and Tillman, our secondary was absolutely brutal. Wouldn’t the obvious choice then be to give Ryan less time, especially considering he’s a rookie? Thumbs down to you, Lovie. You earned this.

  7. this was another example of inept coaching.
    with 11 seconds left, atlanta used only 5 seconds on the short kickoff to have the ball at the 44. stupid. stupid stupid. a long kickoff would have eaten up at least another 4 seconds with hang and return time.even if atlanta returns it to the 44, there would have been only 3 or 4 seconds left, with one chance at the end zone. And the the coverage the bears were in was idiotic, as they left the 20-30 yard pass wide open. what were linebackers doing playing underneath? there should have been 1-2 more safeties/cornerbacks in covering the 20-30 yd pass.
    unbelivable, lovie is the forest gump of coaching. and why was orton passed up a couple yrs. ago, hes obviosly way better than grossman.


    Watch The Billboard Chart for new and possibly, Gramy Award Winning Songs from
    Lovie & The Morphadites you know the top five…

    1) I gots the 11 second blues
    2)This is your big boy Dusty…I’m on TV
    3)3rd and 9 lets throw it 4
    4)Yo moma play defense
    and the multi-gold song..
    5) We’re 13 and 3 with rex as our quarterbaack

  9. I’ve been fair to Lovie during his tenure, but today he pushed me to the limit. He should be fired for this, period. You kick the ball deep. If Atlanta returns it, more power to them. You make them earn it, not give them a chance.

  10. The answer here is quite clear. Football coaches and players fit the stereotype. They are dumb people who cannot manage a clock, can’t figure out how much time is run out after a kick off deep and can’t weigh odds to save their souls. Runners don’t run out of bounds to stop the clock, defensive backs can’t figure out to push someone in rather than out to keep a clock running. All brawn, no brains or even common sense.

    I’d fire Lovie but you would just get some other moron who also can’t manage 11 seconds to an obvious victory.

  11. God hates Chicago for 3 reasons…

    1.) The Cubs
    2.) The Bears
    3.) Obama!

  12. I have 3 things about that last play

    1) Replaying that last play on my TiVo took longer then 6 seconds
    2) Why didn’t one of the linebackers stay at the line and blitz, because the d-line had no sacks
    3) The last no brain play goes to Hamilton not Brown who was playing the middle and had to bail out the light post Hamilton who watched Jenkins run by him

  13. Why so many 3rd & long conversions from a rookie QB? The Bears were lucky to even have the chance after the missed chip shot. Secondary is really missing in action.

    Riduculous outcome and completely preventable. Like LJ points out, it really seems that it was Hamilton who was completely out of position on the last play. How can he not either jam the receiver off the line or cover deep to help the saftey? Instead, he bit; let the deep route past and covered the 10 yard out running back. What a Bozo!
    The squib kick is just plain stupid.

  14. Keep in mind, the Bears are 3-3 and tied for the lead in their division, with a weak schedule.

    This team should make the playoffs.

    No time to be gloom and doom.

  15. Lovie Smith is as dumb as they come. He makes bonehead calls over and over again. Anyone remember last year against Minnesota at home when Adrian Peterson already had over 200 yards rushing (and basically burned the Bears all day) yet Lovie STILL elected to kick to him during overtime and put them in position to win the game? I can’t believe that crap

  16. Earlier this week I had said Charles Tillman had a good chance at the Pro Bowl this season. Scratch that. These are my thoughts about the Falcons game.
    1) It seemed like Peanut made a hundred tackles yesterday, but only because the guy he was supposed to be covering kept catching the ball.
    2) I wish Tommie Harris had been suspended two games.
    3) Another game goes by and we don’t register a sack. Absolutely no pressure on the quarterback what-so-ever.
    4) Squib kick? wtf?!
    5) Who in the hell is Hamilton? When did he make the team?
    6) I hope they don’t play like this next week when we play the Vikings with first place in the division on the line.

  17. Marcus Hamilton, ok the guy we picked up from Tampa Bay two weeks ago. Great! Just great. I am really tired of seeing Nathan Vasher on the sideline. I really just don’t think he wants to play. That jaw needs to be covered up by a football helmet. It reminds me of slingblade. Some people call it a kaiserblade. Um hun.

  18. I was listening to the game on WBBM radio and I thought Tom Thayer noted that the Bears were going to kick a “squibber” (spelling?) on the last sequence before it actually happened, like there was some kind of strategy to it? Neither Thayer nor Joniak excpressed any surprise at distance of the last kick when it unfolded. At least as I heard it.

  19. Did someone send out the picture of Jason Elam to every sports newspaper/website in the country and tell them to put it on the front page? It was on ESPN’s website, SI’s website, Fox Sports’ website, the Tribune’s front page, and then I go to the Bears’ homepage, there it is! I hate this Monday. Why did our defense look pathetic against the Falcons? I hate to say this, because we should have won with that final drive, but they beat our ass all game long. I have said it before, and will again. This is going to be a long season because our football team is set up for exactly this “Down to the wire” type of game.

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