Dent Snubbed for Hall of Fame

Not that this is a news flash or anything-it’s not.  But there’s literally nothing else Bears-related to discuss at the present time.

As we know, despite experts feeling that this was finally his year, Richard Dent again failed to make the Hall of Fame in voting Super Bowl weekend.

Up until this year, even I thought that Dent for Hall of Fame may have been a stretch.  He was a great defensive end, no doubt, but there were a couple others of his era that had better statistics (Reggie White).  But now that those guys have made the Hall of Fame, and now clearly even the experts think that less qualified pass rushers are being elected (Fred Dean and Rickey Jackson), I can’t quite figure out what gives.

Or maybe I just needed one extra year for me to reflect on how good Dent really was.  Just last weekend I started watching a DVD of highlights of the 1990-1992 seasons I acquired several years ago and never had time to watch, and now I’m recalling how dominant he was.  The amount of passes he intercepted as a defensive lineman was remarkable.

So what do you think?  What’s holding this up?

5 Responses to “Dent Snubbed for Hall of Fame”

  1. It’s hard to get into the Hall of Fame and that’s how it should be. But given how dominating that defence was in the mid 80s, it’s hard to fathom how only Hampton and Singletary have made it. And there’s only Walter on offence.

    One reason that may hold us back is that we have more Hall of Famers than any other team. But I’d say there’s a good case not only for Dent, but Otis Wilson, Steve McMichael, Gary Fencik and Jay Hilgenberg as well.

  2. Dent only made 4 Pro Bowls. That hurts. Not a media friendly personality. The only interview I can remember was right after Super Bowl XX.

    The best bullet on his resume is the Super Bowl MVP.

  3. That’s a pretty damn good bullet (Super Bowl MVP)! Along with the 4 Pro Bowl’s, and as Roy mentioned, his dominant play and interceptions, I definitely think he’s worthy. Hopefully he’ll get in some day.

  4. Maybe Phil Simms is on the selection committee?

  5. Nice one Bill! I’ve seen interviews with Phil talking about how much he hated the mid-80′s Bears defenses. Probably as much for the 1987 opening game when the Bears killed the champs as for the ’85 game.

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