Defining Awful

I should have more on the great Packers-Cowboys matchup later today. I have to admit I am looking forward to watching it. But it’s just like me watching a Packers-Vikings game. I don’t want to see either team win, I’d much rather see a UFO descend on the field and abduct both teams before the game is complete. I’m not advocating the vaporization of the teams, just hopefully the aliens would take them both somewhere for a series of medical experiments, at least until the end of 2009 or so, when Brett Favre will be pushing 40.

And more on the Packers later as well, hopefully. I’ve been dwelling for several weeks on how I’m supposed to feel about them apparently being good again. I don’t know that I have the answer, but I’m staying sane anyway.

I have to clarify what I said yesterday about the 2007 Chicago Bears season being “awful”. Keep in mind, there is 4-12 Dave Wannstedt awful, and then there is “failed expectations of an NFC Championship team” awful. I guess having a mediocre season when your team is predicted to win the NFC is an easier awful to swallow than 4-12 awful, but it still sucks.

Me simply calling the season awful perhaps took away a few of this season’s bright points:

  • Devin Hester, Devin Hester, oh my God Devin Hester has been fun to watch. It is fun watching a guy play for your team that is clearly the best to ever perform at his position.
  • Watching the defense with a healthy and strong Dusty Dvoracek, Brian Urlacher and Mike Brown shut down LT and the Chargers on opening day. This season may have been very different were it not for the usual injuries.
  • Being the only team to this point to beat the 10-1 Packers, on the road, watching Favre berate his head coach.
  • Brian Griese’s 97-yard miracle drive at Philadelphia.
  • The comeback overtime win over Denver replete with a blocked punt, two Hester touchdowns and an amazing touchdown catch from Bernard Berrian.

So there is proper credit to the high points of the 2007 season. But I’m still frustrated.

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