Da Bears: 1985 and 2010

I forgot to mention one more enjoyable aspect of Steve Delsohn’s new book on the 1985 Bears.  And come to think of it, this relates to some of the things we have to talk about this week given what’s going on with our 2010 Chicago Bears.

I’ve read every book that has been published referencing the 1985 Bears.  And I find it interesting that I learned something I’d never seen written before.  When I read in the book that Mike Ditka’s offense was so vanilla, so boring that it was laughable, I can’t say that I was completely shocked by that.  But this was the first book I have read that really laid that out: the offense Ditka ran with Ed Hughes as his offensive coordinator from 1982 to 1988 was completely boring, vanilla, without innovation.

As a matter of fact, in the book Delsohn talks to an observer that says upon seeing the playbook the Bears used during this time, it was exactly the same as the Dallas Cowboys playbook from the mid-1970′s.  Same names of plays and everything.  It was comical to learn that.

But here’s the amazing thing.  Once the Bears acquired the talent to line up and dominate defenses with a combination of their running game and a quarterback in Jim McMahon that could pick defenses apart based on what he saw before the snap, they had stretches of time when they were unbeatable.  Regardless of how old and boring their playbook was.

Contrast this with 2010.  In the ten years that Jerry Angelo has been drafting for the Chicago Bears, it is established that he has ignored drafting offensive linemen and quality defensive linemen with staying power.  In 2009 and 2010, the Bears have focused on hiring coaching “gurus” in Rod Marinelli and Mike Tice to try to coach their ways out of lacking talent on the lines.  In addition to Tice, this year the Bears hired Martz to try to out-scheme opponents on a level the Chicago Bears have never seen in their history.

The result?  I think it’s being proven again that you can’t rely on coaching to coax better play out of marginal talent.  Adding to this, we now find that Martz’ system does not allow quarterbacks to change plays at the line of scrimmage.

We’re going to see if what Lovie Smith said Sunday is true or not, that he knows the Bears have to show more balance in their gameplan and they will show more balance.  But what does that matter if this offensive line literally can not line up and beat the opponent across from them?

Bill Parcells is going to be available next year.

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  1. Just saw over on the Bears “official” website that they cut Charles Grant. Awesome. That was a completely productive and worthwhile 2 weeks he spent as part of our team. Good to see our top brass not only fail miserably with our draft picks, but also with washed-up has-been veterans they bring in too (Orlando Pace). When they do find that rare golden nugget (Thomas Jones), they prematurely run them out of town for overpaid, POS draft busts (Cedric Benson). I LOVE the Bears but HATE the way this team is run. I cannot wait til Angelo, Smith & Co. are gone.

  2. Cutler needs more targets. Why don t the bears go after Moss? It couldnt hurt to have a pro bowl receiver to throw to. Hester needs to go back to the secondary where he belongs. He is not a wide out.

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