Cowboys NFC Leaders

It pains me to write that headline.? But like it or not, the Bears are not playing like a good football team through the first three games of the 2007 season.? And until the Bears can muster the ability to take the torch back away from the Cowboys, that’s the way it will remain.

I ripped on Tony Romo last week, because frankly I’m sick of the “Tony Romo is the best quarterback in the history of the NFL” PR machine.? Now instead of being?sick of that, I’m further lamenting the fact that the Bears didn’t take a flyer on?Romo?in the seventh round of the 2003 draft.? As I have previously mentioned, long?before Romo pantsed the Bears last night, I?was familiar with Romo in college and hoped the Bears would acquire him.? (Yes, and in the same linked post, I bash Romo’s PR machine.) But hindsight is?20/20.? Kudos, Tony, on backing up the hype with your play last night.? (Excuse me while I hold back my vomit).

Everyone has an opinion on the current state of the Bears, and here’s mine.? Starting Brian Griese in Detroit?would be the wrong decision.? As evidenced by the 56 points they gave up to the formerly anemic Eagles yesterday, Detroit’s defense is bad.? Rex deserves the chance to start in Detroit.? We’ll see what happens, but that’s my?opinion.

Furthermore, before?anyone blames Rex for any of the Bears’ many current issues, take a look at the running game.? Cedric Benson averaged less than 3 yards per carry last night.? And while you’re looking at the running?game, look at the offensive line.? Its production has clearly dropped this year.

The defense?? They?shut the Cowboys down for roughly 31 minutes of the ballgame.? And considering they were on the field what seemed like 98%?of the game, the second?half breakdown was bound to happen.? No defense can stay on the field for 40 minutes and be forced to win the?game for your team.? Not especially when that defense loses 3?Pro Bowl starters during the contest.

Now I have to say even more emphatically….GO CUBS!

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  1. While I am no where near impressed by Grossman’s performance Sunday night, I think a large share of the blame belongs on our receiving core. Bernard Berrian dropped at least two big yardage catches and Moose pulled a Randy Moss on a few plays and flat out gave up on the routes. I think the biggest problem with the QB “situation” is the fact that I don’t think Rex is much of a leader in that huddle, in that he can’t motivate his guys after failed plays. I also think it’s a bit foolish to put Hester, our only real “threat” at this point, on offense as nothing more than a decoy while Mark Bradley wastes away on the sidelines. We’ve all seen how Hester blocks, and I can honestly see him getting hurt if he continues on these offensive schemes. So, were are we….really…a 34 year old back up and a third stringer who has played well, but only in the sense that he can manage the clock long enough for the defense to score all the points. The long term answer at QB is not wearing a Bears uniform right now. I agree with you Ron, start Rex at Detroit and see what he can do after what will undoubtedly be the harshest week of critisizm and speculation he has ever faced. If he flops in the Motor City, bench him, and prepare for another decade of QB rotation.

  2. Horrible game all around for the Bears. Rex has to pick it up, but he was far from the only problem with the Bears. Every player and coach has to look in the mirror and decide what they want to do. With three division games in a row it is crunch time. The only fear I have is that Rex’s confidence may be shattered. He carries the weight of the franchise on his shoulders and for many has become the excuse for everything wrong with the Bears. I’d like to see how he responds against Detroit, but if he has a poor game and the Bears find themselves at 1-3 a change may be warranted just to shake up the team, and for Rex to regain his mental health. We’ll see.

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