Congrats to the Chicago Cardinals

Oops, what year do I think this is?

You have to admit, it is pretty cool, if the Bears can’t be in the Super Bowl, it is nice to see a team like the Cardinals make it.  It’s their first championship game appearance since 1948.  The 61 years of futility for the Cardinals was second to one other team’s futility-my other team, the Chicago Cubs’ 100 year drought.

Just think, along with everything else, former Bears Mike Gandy and Bryan Robinson are going to the Super Bowl as members of the Arizona Cardinals.  Who would have thought?  And not to forget, former Bears personnel staffer (1984-1997) Rod Graves is Pro Personnel Director there.  Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune wrote a glowing article about Graves today, lauding him for the talent he has amassed in the desert.  Pompei seemed to forget about the Cardinals drafting high year after year for Graves’ first 10 years or so and staying in the tank consistently.

Regardless, again, you have to feel good about this 9-7 team heading to the Super Bowl, as much as they probably don’t have a chance against the Steelers.  I was thinking about how the scary-good Cardinal offense is so much better than the Bears: they go five deep at receiver, two deep at running back and quarterback, and it made me think about how comical the Bears are on offense compared to them.  And then I saw that Steve Rosenbloom wrote the same thing.

So, if the Bears couldn’t make it, it’s certainly nice to see something different.  I wanted to shoot my football fan self watching the 49ers and Cowboys dominate the NFC year after year in the 90′s.

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  1. Easy on the cards running game. They couldn’t run the ball all season. They just happen to turn into a decent running team at the right time. When you have the receivers the cards have, you should be at least average running the ball. Congrats to them on getting it together at the right time.

  2. Just double checked to make sure. They were indeed the worst rushing team this season. Also, edge wanted to be released because he wasn’t playing. Just shows getting hot at the right time does wonders.

  3. As for Pompi, flavor of the week is always a popular thing to write about. I wonder what he will be thinking next season when Warner and Boldin will be gone, and they are back to winning six games again…

  4. Good one (or three), JDM.

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