Concussed Cutler

Look, I want desperately for the 2010 Chicago Bears to be successful.  I never thought they would start this season 3-1, so they have surprised me pleasantly.  If things do start to tumble, at least I won’t be shocked, as the season will have gone as I expected it to.  And if it happens, it is most definitely time for the house to be cleaned with new leadership that will build a new, solid team from the lines out, the way successful football teams are built.  Our current General Manager has proven he can not build the lines.

The Cutler situation scares me.  It should scare me more for his sake, but for now I’m just thinking of the team’s sake.  The experts now say that a second concussion comes on more easily than the first, and the second is more devastating.  A second concussion puts a player’s career in jeopardy.

Does anyone here honestly think this Bear offensive line will prevent a second concussion for Cutler?

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  1. Is it just me or have the Bears not drafted a contributing offensive lineman since Olin Kruetz. I’m not saying he is the best ever but really… The Bears have not drafted well at ALL over the last few years.

  2. Angelo cant draft offensive linemen.

    Cutler will get crushed and his career will probably end this season. We’ll have JA to thank for that as well.

  3. Cutler suffered the concussion on the play he misread the defense.

  4. Not trying to say I’m an expert or anything, but when the Bears went to the Super Bowl the line was… old timers. I thought then that they needed to start finding replacements, and we see that they drafted a broken LT and picked up a couple cheapies to anchor the line, now you see what we’ve got! How much does Olin have left in the tank? Big trouble

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