Closing the Book on the Loss

At least I hope I can get this off of my brain after this morning.

If it makes you feel any better, Bears fans, the stunning come from behind win  loss was not without precedent in Bears history.

For you young-ins, the 1989 Chicago Bears season started out about as maddening as the 2008 version.  The team won a couple of stunning games, then lost a few games that perhaps they should have won.  After 10 weeks, the Bears were 6-4.  Against Tampa on November 19th, the season was on the line.

Tampa dominated the Bears and starter Jim Harbaugh through most of the game’s first 50 minutes or so.  Finally, journeyman Mike Tomczak entered the game and threw three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, turning a 29-10 defecit into a 31-29 lead with just minutes to go in the game.

What happened at that point?  A pourous, injured Bears defense allowed Tampa to march down the field, and kicker Donald Igwebuike (remember him) kicked the winning field goal to turn a fantastic come-from-behind Bears win into a stunning loss.

That one may have been worse than this one my friends, so I guess it’s time for me to get over it.

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  1. I was 12, and still remember those days like it was yesterday. Hard to believe that team was 4-0 and it went down hill once Hamption went down.

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