Chicago Bears White Uniforms

Much more information on this on my Chicago Bears uniform page for those interested.

I was surprised to see the Bears in their road uniforms with white pants on Sunday night.  I like the white pants.  I like the blue pants on the road.  I kind of like it when they alternate throughout the season.  I didn’t really like it in 2007 when they just wore the blue pants the whole year.

In 2006, they had worn the blue pants the whole season until they came out in whites against St. Louis and Detroit.

In 2004-2005, they were all blue, all the time on the road.

The Chicago Tribune reported on Monday that the players voted to wear white pants on the road the whole season, which would be a first since the Dick Jauron era (error?), in 2002 to be precise.  In 2003 they wore whites on the road in every game except the opening blowout at San Francisco.

The Tribune reported that players prefer the look of the all white road uniform.  I wonder why?

Keep them both.  Keep us surprised. Don’t wear white at home in the home opener, you’re killing me.  But I know they will anyway, which disgusts me, but oh well.

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  1. I like the white on white look. I wish they would just keep the home socks for the white on white. To me, white on white is an old school look.

  2. Getting beat twice in the white on white combination the last two times including the awful Green Bay disaster should make them go back to the blue pants for the St. Louis game.

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