Chicago Bears Weekend Six-Pack: Win or Die

1. Bears receiver Sam Hurd charged with allegedly running a large cocaine and marijuana distribution operation. Astonishing is all that can be said. While the rest of us scrape by every day, a man with a $4.5 million contract with over $2 million guaranteed has to run a large-scale drug operation. Sad.

2. Speaking of Hurd, this was basically the replacement for former receiver Rashied Davis, who was often the target of my ire for frequently dropping passes. After a season in which we’ve seen so, so many Roy Williams drops, I’ve been tempted to honestly say I’d rather see Davis back than Roy Williams continuing to drop catchable balls. Now with Hurd it’s quite clear the Bears’ plan to replace Davis was completely flawed.

3. Playing Seattle this week, the Bears are in win or die mode. If the Bears do beat the Seahawks, there is an absolutely remote possibility they could still clinch a wildcard with help if they lose at Green Bay (as is expected of course) and finish with a 9-7 record. Very remote in my opinion. But should they lose to Seattle, we’re looking at an 8-8 or 7-9 season.

4. Weather vane website is unanimously picking Seattle, of course, and touted that the Seahawks will “surprise” the Bears. Since they think the Bears are so bad, why is this a “surprise?”

5. Jay Cutler spoke earlier this week about the “remote” possibility of returning to face the Packers on Christmas night. Jay Cutler: who you crappin’? Come on, risk his future to play in one game of a season that is most likely lost? I know the organization’s PR staff pushes the players and coaches to talk optimistically, keeping fans’ hopes and interest alive. But we do have common sense.

6. Rather sad this Sunday, the final home game of the 2011 season (despite the fact that the Bears took $10 from me I’ll never get back claiming they have to be prepared for a home playoff game that will never come). Anyone doing anything special to enjoy the final home game until next year, whether at home or at the stadium?

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  1. If we don’t win Sunday, I don’t think we win again this year. From sitting pretty at 7-3…to colossal diappointment at 7-9. Even when Cutler went down, I never even fathomed that we could possibly lose 6 straight.

  2. FInally getting a chance to tailgate before a Bears home game, just hoping my 2 game winning streak at Soldier field doesn’t end this week vs T-Jack and the best named former Notre Dame player Golden Tate.

    But wow the Dallas choking bug sure is contagious, good promotional item for Da Bears to give away this weekend would be some nice gas masks to stop the contamination.

  3. Nice comments Ryan, hope you enjoy the tailgate.

    Harry, even worse than them losing 6 straight-I’m sure the Bears will pull out all stops to win at Minnesota when it doesn’t matter. If they lose the next two and sit at 7-8 New Year’s Day, I’d rather see them shut everyone down and start Enderle at quarterback. But they won’t, they’ll win that game just to slide down a few picks in the draft.

  4. I agree Roy, and that will give them a ‘respectable’ 8-8 record for the season – mediocrity reigns supreme in the Lovie Smith/Jerry Angelo era.

  5. Some interesting comments. I agree with Harry as I never would have thought the Bears would have stuggled so much without Cutler who was playing his best football for the Bears before he got hurt. The frustrating thing is I honestly believe we would have won all our games so far had Cutler stayed healthy. Can any of you folks do me a favour though and explain why the Bears and any other NFL team with nothing left to play for won’t enter a race to see who finishes worst in favour of a better draft pick. I can’t see us making the last Wildcard slot now but am consoling myself that a good draft pick might be coming our way in the New Year.

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