Chicago Bears Weekend Six Pack: Vet’s Day

1. What more can I say about Sunday’s tilt with the Lions.  Who would have thought a Bears-Lions game would have these implications?  With a win, the Bears pull into a virtual tie with Detroit for second place in the NFC North.  Then the Bears and Lions will control their own destiny from there, having finished their season series.  Should the Bears lose-sorry to sound so frank about it, but if the Bears can’t beat Detroit at home what sense is landing a road playoff game anyway?  Sure, the 2010 Packers won out on the road in the playoffs en route to a championship, but this is a new year.

2. So watch out Bears fans, I am putting it out there that I have faith in the Bears in this game.  The defense should shut down the big play as they didn’t in Detroit, and the offense has once again reinvented itself as it did midyear in 2010.  Unfortunately it has seemed that when I publicly state my confidence, bad things happen.  Anyone want me to go back to not having faith?

3.  As far as I know, the last time a Bears-Lions game had close to this much drama involving the playoffs may have been 1995, then 90/91 prior to that.  Sure, both teams were battling for first place in 2005, but that was earlier in the year without the Packers being in control of the division as they are now.

4. Glad to see the Vikings are taking offense to the Packer’s predictions of an undefeated season with eight more games to go.  Don’t know if they can pull it out or not, but I’d love to see it.

5. Unfortunately the Bear Jew, my favorite first round pick in the Angelo era, will be down for a while longer.  Sure hope this doesn’t turn into another Marc Colombo situation.

6. Your thoughts on Sunday?

And here’s to saluting our Veterans today.

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  1. I think if trhe Bears defense can get to Stafford like they did with Vick the we should have no huge problems. You have to fancy our chances of putting some points on the board with the way the offence have been playing lately so for me it will come down to the defence and of course if Roy’s curse can be beaten.

    It has the makings of a really good game this one, shame it hasn’t been chosen for live TV in the UK.

    C’mon Chicago

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