Chicago Bears Weekend Six Pack Post Cutler

1. For a guy that has absolutely no time to keep up with these websites anymore with work and family to contend with, I got a heck of a lot done today.  My WordPress software had not been upgraded in five years and had to be done.  I was scared to death that the upgrade would knock everything out I had done since the beginning.  For once, one thing was completely seamless and easy.  Having planned the whole day to deal with what I thought would be inevitable issues, I even had time to add Twitter widgets to both of the sites.  Now everyone can follow what I think about the Bears from Chicago Bears History, the Chicago Bears Blog, my Chicago Bears Facebook page, or my Chicago Bears Twitter account.  Feeling good about my workload for once!

2.  As I mentioned on Twitter while cooking turkey on Thursday, although I knew Bears fans needed Detroit to win, I just couldn’t help wanting the Packers to lose.  And of course as I predicted, the floodgates would open at some point.  Aaron Rodgers threw for less than 100 yards in the first half, then finished with over 300 yards for I believe his seventh time in 2011.  The Packers are unquestionably the goliaths of the NFL.  I’m still wrestling with the need to just drop my anger and feel good for the good people of Wisconsin.  I hope I get there-trying to get to that point is not easy.  There are very few bad guys on that team, and Rodgers, the face of the franchise, is a class act.  It should be hard to dislike the Packers, yet it’s in my blood.  Life is too short to be angry about the other team, you know?

3.  So unfortunately still thinking of the Packers, there MUST be some way for the coaches and players of some team in the NFL to figure out a way to stop this team.  We have to remember that Green Bay has played a relatively easy schedule this season.  They also have a mediocre offensive line and running game.  Their defense is highly opportunistic and creates a lot of turnovers, but I believe they’re ranked 30th overall in yards allowed.  Their quarterback and receiving corps is without question the best in the league.  Their receivers are open on EVERY play it seems.  There has to be a way for some team to exploit the weaknesses that they do have, yet no team has in 2011.  As several good readers of my blog have pointed out, let’s hope it can be the Bears.

4.  Back to the Bears.  Tomorrow they travel to face a surprisingly strong yet still very inconsistent Oakland Raiders team.  Were the Bears fielding a healthy Jay Cutler I’d feel very good about getting a win.  Since we only know Caleb Hanie by 14 regular season passes and one quarter of rallying play in the NFC Championship game, we just don’t know.

5.  Speaking of Hanie, I’m surprised that it took me until today to recall the entrance of Jim Miller with the 1999 Chicago Bears.  At that time Miller was every bit as unproven as Hanie is now, and Miller responded with a 400 yard game in his first start, then followed up with another game in which he just missed throwing for another 400.  Comparing two different players is apples and oranges, no question, but it proves that hope is there.

6.  Your thoughts on Bears and Raiders?  Make sure any Twitterers out there keep in touch during the game tomorrow.  Go Bears!

4 Responses to “Chicago Bears Weekend Six Pack Post Cutler”

  1. For what it’s worth, I believe the Bears have done the best job of slowing down Rodgers this season.

  2. The Raiders have a ton of key players on the injury list, so I think the game is win-able for the Bears even with Hanie. As for the Packers, they did look beatable on Thursday. Detroit was moving the ball well early and the game was close into the 3rd quarter, but the penalty on Suh after the 3rd down stop in the redzone just killed the Lions. If GB had settled for a FG there it’s a totally different game.

  3. christopher carter on November 27th, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    caleb hanie is horrible!!!!! Tge bears dream season is officially over!! We have the chance to draft a good QB and i really hope they do.

  4. Cut the kid some slack…this is the first live action he has seen in almost a year. Yes he made some poor choices, but he also made some nice throws and had a few good runs. I think he will get better, and all hope is not lost. He has the skill set to be successful in this offense and his decision-making should improve exponentially with each game. There is no substitute for experience in the NFL.

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