Chicago Bears Weekend Six-Pack: 12-2

1. I’ll shorten my usual twice-per-year, full-post rant on Chicago Bears organizational policies toward the fans to just one-sixth of one post, but as always it must be said. I along with my fellow season ticket holders received our letters instructing us to pay for playoff tickets this week. Despite everyone knowing that absent the Packers losing their final five games to drop from 11-0 to 11-5, the chances of the Bears hosting a playoff game are practically zero. I understand the Bears organization must account even for the slightest possibility for ticketing, I get it. And yes, it’s nice that now the Bears offer the opportunity to register one’s credit card and only be charged if there are games rather than having to send a check for $600 and up and not get it back for a couple months. But yet we have to pay a $10 “handling fee” to choose the “pay if we play option.” What other business can get away with charging their customers $10 for absolutely nothing. I don’t know how many season ticket accounts there are-maybe 10,000? So the Bears earn $100,000 when they know there will be no home playoff game. Nice racket.

2. Speculation started abounding yesterday afternoon after Donovan McNabb was released by the Minnesota Vikings that the Bears will put in a waiver claim for him. This wouldn’t be a bad move in my opinion-I do feel that McNabb would be an upgrade over Josh McCown to back up Caleb Hanie for the remainder of the 2011 season, because I don’t think Cutler will be back at any point. But if anyone thinks this is the missing ingredient for a Bears Super Bowl run, please don’t kid yourself. You’ve seen McNabb play from his last years in Philadelphia, to Washington, to Minnesota, right? Yes, it would be a fantastic story to see McNabb return to his hometown, have the starter (Hanie) go down unexpectedly, and lead the Bears to the Super Bowl against all odds. But you don’t really see that happening, do you?

3. Look out, because if the Packers don’t lose to the Giants in New York this weekend, who are they going to lose to? The Chiefs on the road or Oakland/Detroit at home? The prospect of a 16-0 season for the Packers is now very, very real. Yes, we can hope that the Bears and their backup quarterback will shock them in Green Bay on Christmas night. Yes, we can hope. But 16-0 is looking very likely for them and if it happens, what can you do but take your hats off to them if it happens.

4. This week, Julius Peppers was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month for November for the second straight year. Tell me one defensive lineman in the NFL that is more disruptive without generating a lot of sacks then Peppers? What a great addition-one that I admit I was against due to the question marks with his effort.

5. Mike Tice as offensive coordinator to replace Mike Martz in 2012? Sounds like that will probably happen, but I continue to lead the rallying cry to get me anyone from Green Bay’s staff that can install their offense and teach Jay Cutler to become Aaron Rodgers. But the history of the Bears shows that they will probably promote Tice, who has never been an offensive coordinator. But let’s worry about next year next year.

6. Remembering the last two times the Bears faced the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2007 the Bears played the Chiefs in their home opener following the Super Bowl season, coming off an opening day loss in San Diego. Chicago beat the Chiefs 20-10 but looked shaky in doing so. I remember the Bears wearing their road uniforms at home that day, which I hate, and offensive tackle John St. Clair caught a touchdown pass from Rex Grossman. Grossman threw for 2 interceptions in that game, and had only one more opportunity as starter before being benched for Brian Griese. In 2003 the Bears finished the season at Kansas City in Dick Jauron‘s final game as head coach, and the Bears were trounced 31-3.

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  1. Just think…where would Green Bay be right now if we had beaten them in the regular season finale last year? It just f-ing kills me that we could have knocked them out of contention for the playoffs last year, then we could have BEATEN them to go to the Super Bowl. Fast forward…now, here we sit, 7-4 with all hopes resting upon our unproven back-up QB…and there they are, 11-0, poised to go undefeated and make another Super Bowl run. It literally turns my stomach.

  2. Let’s just start with this: embarrassing. Martz. Haynie, time outs, etc. That’s it. We are done, no playoffs. Are you kidding me. 1st down at the 7 turns into a missed 41 yd FG. Embarrasding.

    re: Caleb: Rather see Donovan. Seriously. Bad, terrible. Yes, Roy did not help. But at this point, Martz is terrible, it’s as simple as that. 7-3 will turn into 8-8/ Forget that Atlanta lost, this was a pencil in win vs. an 8th grade offense. Disgraceful.

    Please, for all you people that will try to paint something positive out of this, shut up. This is an inexcusable loss, end of story.

  3. Sorry. I forgot to mention the TD at the half. I’ve seen Urlacher make that play probably 10-15 times. But there was Conte, over his back and into KC’s hands for 7, from again an 8th grade offense. You cannot let that happen, ever. Inexcusable, in any respect. No other excuses, this was a terrible pathetic loss.

  4. I guess it’s a night of no posting activity. Just watched Rodgers’ F_head WWF ass move the Packers 75+ yards in under a minute. Meanwhile, Caleb has 1 pass possession following a 5 minute KC drive with a gradeschool offense. Martz, your time has come. Dumb ass.

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