Chicago Bears Weekend Six Pack 11-18

Updates slowed this week-sorry all-having to rebuild my main PC and I’m about halfway back at this point.  And looks like I’ll be rebuilding the blog itself in the near future, the comment spam filter that has worked pretty well for five years hasn’t been doing the job.  So I think I’m going to have to bring the blog from 2007 to 2011 in the near future.  With no time for anything.

On to the six-pack:

1.  Still can’t get over the parallels between 2010 and 2011 with the Chicago Bears.  When this team was 2-3 I was ready to jump ship like a lot of others.  Things feel so much better after four wins and a current 6-3 record.  But as we all know, the glaring difference is that we’re looking up at an undefeated Packers team.  And that undefeated team has a quarterback performing to a level never seen in NFL history.  Yet Mike Mulligan still opined that the Bears could still be special.  We will see.

2.  Jay Cutler and the crybaby Phillip Rivers have been playing nice this week, but here’s a clip showing the roots of the rivalry.  Rivers is 4-1 against Cutler; let’s hope that has much more to do with Denver’s team than with the skills of the quarterbacks.

3.  Bad break for the Bears as nickelback D.J. Moore seems set to miss Sunday’s game.  Chicago’s options are for Corey Graham to start there, or for Tim Jennings to move inside with Zack Bowman replacing Jennings on the outside.

4.  Two years in a row now the Bears have proven that when they try to pigeonhole their players into specific roles and systems, they lose.  When they are allowed to play like the players they are (letting Jay Cutler play to his strengths), they seem to win.  Matt Bowen expands on the subject.

5.  The Bears need to win to run their record to 7-3.  They need to keep winning to have any hope of making the playoffs as a wildcard.  With Tampa playing at Green Bay and Carolina at Detroit, odds are the Packers will be 10-0 and the Lions 7-3.  On Thanksgiving day, we’ll be watching the most important non-Bears game on that day in years when the Packers and Lions square off.  Unfortunately, it will be better for Bears fans to root for Green Bay.  Ugh.

6.  As always, your thoughts?

Go Bears!

5 Responses to “Chicago Bears Weekend Six Pack 11-18”

  1. I guess I feel better that I can be optimistic at this point in the season rather than looking towards next year already. I’ve been impressed with the turnaround that the Bears have been able to make since that Week 5 loss to the Lions. I believe that at this point they can go out and be competitive with any team in the league.
    I heard B&B talking the other day about which team will come up with a formula to stop the Packers offense. It seems to me like Chicago has had that formula going back to last season. The offense just hasn’t been able to put up enough points to win the games. Hopefully they can keep Green Bay’s offensive numbers held down to earth on Christmas Day. Short term, go out, beat the Chargers, get another W and take it week by week. No reason to panic yet. Bear Down!

  2. Go Pack … holding back the vomit … Go Pack

  3. ^^^ Thanksgiving Day only! ^^^

  4. Ugh, can’t we just root for a tie game?

  5. I’ve said it before, whenever the Packers and Vikings play I usually root for a spaceship to descend and abduct both teams. Will be tougher for that to happen in the dome. And unfortunately I’ve seen no evidence that this will be happening in the future.

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