Chicago Bears Weekend 6 Pack Packers II

I can’t not post before a Packer game, but this one will be more like a three-pack. Taking my first day off work since mid-September, no shopping has been done yet. Like an idiot I have to get every bit of it done on 12-23, but that has been the result of my schedule.

1. Funny how a fan’s mind works. I still have hope that Josh McCown will be a revelation at Lambeau on Sunday night, everything will click for once, and the Bears will stun the Packers. This despite having no hope last week against Seattle at home. Guess it’s the false optimism that any quarterback change brings. Realistically it doesn’t matter how many linemen Green Bay is down, when they still have Aaron Rodgers who is rarely off, playing at home, there shouldn’t be much hope. Especially since the Bears are down two starting linemen, two starting receivers, their star quarterback, two safeties, they will dress only two running backs, and one of their corners is ineffective. Probably not much hope, but I have some for some reason.

2. I just realized it recently-the Bears need another Steve. Or another #4. Now that we’ve found out how hard it is to find a competent backup quarterback, I found myself realizing how lucky the Bears were to have Steve Fuller from 1984-1986 and again Steve Walsh in 1994-1995. How do we find the next one of those guys? Both of them were former first-round picks that didn’t live up to their promise, but still had great skills for a backup. Kyle Orton would be a phenomenal backup, but he’s going to look to be a starter as a free agent next year. Deal with it next year.

3. Finally, just have to mention that I have just had the chance to start reading Jeff Pearlman’s Sweetness. Yes, the book that has pissed off so many people, the book that I have defended from the get-go. I will be writing a full review when I’m finished, after the holidays. I’ve really been tearing into it this week and am about halfway through. I’ll say it again-the media sensationalized the new information that came to light from Pearlman’s research, and a lot of people got mad, thinking the book is an entire tome dedicated to denigrating Payton. I have news for everyone-it’s not. The author does a good job presenting Payton in a balanced way, which is every journalist’s job. He writes of both the good and the not-so-good that we never knew about. What I have read so far is fascinating, I especially have enjoyed picking up a lot of tidbits about the 1970′s Bears that I never knew. Those are the Bears I first started watching as a child, and to learn more about how truly inept they were is very interesting. More on the review later, but I’m going to continue to defend this book, to be it has really been riveting.

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  1. Funny, my fans mind works the same way.. where holding out hope pretty much discounts reality, but again I am a fan.. While I never wish injuries, with the Packers recent O line problems, our best chance to win falls on the pass rush.. and.. on a side note.. I’m SO tired of hearing the fire Lovie crap! yes, I agree that Ted, Jerry and Martz need to go, Lovie has been a winner overall DESPITE the talent he has been provided.

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