Chicago Bears Tailgating

Told ya so. In Fred Mitchell’s column, he reports that Chicago was ranked as the 27th best place to tailgate out of 32 cities. So it’s not just me saying repeatedly that the Bears don’t care for their tailgaters.

I have recently added a Chicago Bears Tailgating FAQ on, as well as posted a page on the Chicago Bears Blog where you can post Chicago Bears Tailgating comments.

Actually, I’ve been having a hard time recently trying to remember exactly what my major complaint about Chicago Bears Tailgating is. Remaining number one is the convoluted process to try to score passes for the Waldron or South Lots. The Bears and their parking partner force people to enter a lottery each year. Entrants of the lottery must put down a deposit. There is more of a chance that upon winning the lottery, the participant will not be assigned a tailgating spot. It’s very likely someone wanting a tailgating spot will get a garage spot, and someone wanting a garage spot will get a tailgating spot. So it’s useless and personally I won’t enter it.

That’s great that this year the Bears created several new tailgating lots at Michael Reese Hospital, but these lots are so far away they might as well be on the west side.

This all furthers my contention that Bears tailgaters are the best in the NFL, because we put up with all this with resilience.

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