Chicago Bears Quarterback Curse?

I don’t know if I’ll be able to muster up a Monday morning blog post after this one.

This is my 30th season of being a Chicago Bears fan.  Anyone that has a blog and has a realistic outlook on things, not a glass fully-full outlook all the time has the potential to get ripped on bigtime.  And I’ve been ripped on for being a bit skeptical at times.

This is why it’s had to not be skeptical.  The Bears look like they’ve finally found a longterm quarterback in Kyle Orton, who had outplayed all the pundits in 2008.  Orton was durable, never missing a game to injury in four seasons, and looked like he had grown tremendously this season.

Then just before halftime, it looks like Orton has broken his leg or ankle in a freak mishap.

This could only happen to the Bears at the quarterback position.  I’m a Cubs fan, and everyone is familiar with the Billy Goat curse.  I’ll match my Bears history knowledge with anyone’s, but I have to say I have no idea what the Bears quarterback curse is all about.  As of now, I am confident there has to be one.

Time to see what Rex Grossman can do in the second half, operating with a ten-point deficit against the worst team in football.

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