Chicago Bears Motorola Headset

The Bears always have an interesting way of going about their business.  From Ted Phillips angrily denying his organization is in disarray to Jerry Angelo forgetting to check boxes and screwing up draft-day trades, it’s always something.

So I just had to mention how hilariously timely I thought it was when I saw what the stadium giveaway was on Sunday night.  Yes, the week after the Bears claimed their timeout management problems were caused by communications with the Motorola headset, this was the giveaway.  Classic Bears.Bears Headset

3 Responses to “Chicago Bears Motorola Headset”

  1. And it probably has better reception than Jay’s helmet…

  2. looks like it works as well as the real ones..If you buy that story..

  3. On a side note, can Jerry do better with a 6th round pick? grrrr..

    Brandon Lloyd WR Traded to St. Louis
    (for 2012 sixth-round draft choice)

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