Chicago Bears Loss: Dios Mio, Man

Thanks to my friend Febster for inspiring that headline.  The headline could have read a lot worse than saying MY GOD MAN!  As I told him, I think the Bears played like a bunch of pendejos today.  What more can I say.

Mild-mannered coach whose team has regressed exponentially the more his signature defense gets exposed tells the team’s fans that his team will play better, then is humiliated?  Check.

Said coach’s team is completely outclassed and out of the game by halftime, allowing five straight scores to the opposition.  Check.

Petulant, pathetic ex-Bear having a career season has his career best game against his former team after spouting lies all week about how the Bears tried to kill his career, when in actuality the player himself couldn’t give a crap when the McCaskey fan gave him $17 million to stink?  Check.

All added up to one of the most embarrassing Bears games I’ve seen in this my 31st season following this team.

I’ve been through three years of Neill Armstrong’s bungling, when he couldn’t control his players.

Five years of Dave Wannstedt making excuses for his team supposedly not practicing the fundamentals he tried to teach him.

Five years of Dick Jauron, including 41-0 and 49-7 losses.

This is Lovie Smith’s sixth year, as much as it pains me to announce that time has flown that fast.  In 2005 and 2006, as long as his personnel was healthy, it was hard to find a better defense than the Bears.  But round about 2007, Smith’s “Tampa Two” began to be exposed if his pass rush wasn’t on its A game on a particular day.  And as we’ve seen week after week, Smith’s defense seems to be getting worse and worse with every passing week.  Indeed, I believe the Bears are now the last team in the NFL using the old Tampa Two as their core defensive alignment.

I realize the merits of the scheme.  With any kind of pass rush, and with decent jams of receivers on the line to knock them off their routes, the scheme gives up short gains and a lot of cumulative yardage, but limits big plays and usually tightens in the red zone.  But at Atlanta and today in Cincinnati the Bears pass rush was nonexistent.  The unit played well overall in Atlanta, but today suffered an embarrassment the likes of which I haven’t seen in 31 years in the 45-10 annihilation.

I’m quite sure that tomorrow on sports talk we’ll hear that the Cutler trade has something to do with this loss.  Yes, Cutler had three interceptions-but as I mentioned to my guests, when your defense gives up 5 consecutive scores and you’re in a 31-0 hole at halftime, any quarterback that is gunning to get their team back in the game is probably going to throw a couple of interceptions.

I still wouldn’t undo the Cutler trade, not for anything.  I wouldn’t have Cedric Benson back for anything.  It’s unfortunate that Cedric didn’t want to play like a professional with a $30 million contract when he played for the Bears but decided to turn it on when he got to Cincinnati.  But that’s water under the bridge now.

I haven’t seen the exact quotes, but I hear that our coach told the media that it’s obvious the Bengals wanted this game more than the Bears.  I hear he said that twice.  So I’ll leave it at this…if that’s true, who exactly is responsible if that’s true?

This could be a watershed game for Smith.  He’ll never abandon “his” defense, which at this point is clearly exposed.  I’ve never been one to jump to unjustified conclusions…people could have been saying FIRE LOVIE since 2007.  But the more we see completely absurd, unprepared blowouts like this, I am going to begin to wonder.

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  1. You should have listened to The Score tonight…They pretty much touched on everything you did. You are missing Ron Turner’s continued problems. He just seems to have a playbook from the 60′s thats never been updated.

    And this is the worst Bears game I’ve watched in my short life. Granted I skipped the majority of the Dick Jauron era (I was too young to ever care about the Wannstedt era

  2. When Cutler fumbled a snap, he reminded me of Rex Grossman.

  3. Roy,

    I take exception to this comment:

    “The unit played well overall in Atlanta, but today suffered an embarrassment the likes of which I haven’t seen in 31 years in the 45-10 annihilation.”

    The most embarrassing defeat I have ever experienced as a Bears fan had to be our 41-0 loss against San Francisco in 1987.

    1) We were shut out.

    2) It was on national television, back when playing Monday Night Football meant something.

    3) It was their second consecutive Monday Night loss. Of the Bears 8 regular season losses between 1985-1987 (7 regular season losses if you don’t count the Strike Games), 4 were on MNF. When the 80s Bears lost, it usually was on national television.

    4) This was back when the Bears were the real Monsters of the Midway.

  4. Time to change the defense. Even my usual optimism cannot be found. I cannot believe we gave up yet another pick for the trade earlier this week. I don’t know how we could look so good against the Falcons, which is, in my opinion, a better offense, and so damn aweful today. I became a Bears fan when I was young because I was in awe of the defense. My awe of the Bears defense was renewed around 2001 when a man named Urlacher reintroduced hardnosed effort. Right now, I don’t even want to watch. No effort. How do you not cover the one guy who has been running his damn mouth all week about how he is going to own you? The old Bears that I remember would have hurt him for the season, emotionally and physically. I died a little inside today. Horrible. We have no identity, we can’t run and we can’t defend. Fire Lovie.

  5. im with everyone that thinks its time lovie made his way down to dallas to replace the pear shaped loser, wade phillips. the defense is played out. what mediocre quarterback/wide out cant carve the bears in between the zones? ron turner… get a clue brother! i’m with scott, the playbook is tired! theyre so predictable. for goodness sakes when will the bears ditch the draw play on third and long? does this ever work for the bears? the ultimate give up and get maynard warmed up play! lovie plays not to lose and guess what… thats exactly what happens! dont think jerry angelo is without blame here. theyve got some young raw talent at wr but we’re missing a veteran! the offensive line is… offensive! what the hey happened to beekman? frank omiyale is a mess. the line got old and they tried to slap together a line with oldlando pace? the defense… we could go on all day long about their problems. safety play is wretched. this isnt gonna be an easy fix either. no first or second round picks next april? so are we gonna overpay some free agents? tommie harris is an animal, but for the love of pete the man cant stay on the field. im glad they didnt trade for the johnson kid in kansas city though. that wouldve been a big gamble and at best wouldve been like putting a bandaid on a bullet hole. love the bears but absolutely hate the way the team is and has been run. sell the team please. get someone with more football knowledge. i know they are papa bear’s grandkids and family but they are more concerned with the making money aspect than winning games/championships. does anyone believe they are gonna win 7 or 8 of their final 10 to make the playoffs? seems like a bit of a reach if you ask me.

  6. Absolutey pathetic. No defense, no pass rush secondary cant cover anyone. Bring in new people on defense who want to play. I think these players should give back there paycheck for yesterdays loss.

  7. As I drove back to my home in the north of England from a fantastic evening at Wembley watching the Pats play the Buccs I was thinking of the Bears and how they could surely not be as bad as the Buccs were. The Buccs essentially gave the game to the Pats from their first possession when the Pats returned an interception for a TD. That pretty much killed the game, but we were still happy to see an NFL regular season game.

    Well, how wrong I could have been about the Bears. I got home at just gone 3am, full of optimism that my beloved (?!) Bears would have risen to the challenge and silenced the numpty Benson once and for all. Ok, so there are major defensive injuries and questions over the OL and receivers, but where is the Bears spirit and attitude? Where is the beat ‘em up gameplay that first attracted me to follow them?

    Can’t help thinking that Lovie’s softly softly approach is rubbing off on the team and he’ll be outta there by season end. I for one won’t be sad, but I wouldn’t envy anyone coming in with no draft picks of note to rely on.

  8. Stuart: “numpty,” I like it!

    Don’t know what to say. I turned it off at 14-0, as the Bengals were driving for their third score. The Bears play was that bad that early that the game had become unwatchable. I turned it on the radio, as background, and got some housework done, and even tuned out the radio call in the third quarter.

    We wait all week, plan our Sundays around the game … I really feel for the people that drove down to Cinci and spent all that money on gas and tickets. All for crap!

    I see a lot of piling on Lovie and Turner. Neither have impressed me, that’s for sure, but what the heck are they supposed to do with the total lack of talent on the field? I guess I’m speaking more of Turner, having no offensive line and no running back. I agree Lovie’s been too loyal to his Tampa 2–it’s getting shredded–and a spark of emotion every now and then might be nice. So I guess I’m piling on now as well.


  9. I saw someone recently post a comment that most of what Bears fans post is negative. As soon as the Bears show they can consistently win on a weekly basis and are a legitimate playoff team, those comments will trail off. However, under Lovie right now, this team does not look anything like a playoff team, and that gutless “effort” yesterday was an absolutely disgraceful embarrassment in all phases of the game.

    Since starting 3-1 and hitting the bye week, this team has regressed badly and is in total disarray. They should have been well prepared for Atlanta, and they were not. Yesterday they looked like an expansion team that couldn’t beat the Raiders or Rams — turnovers, terrible play, missed tackles, secondary covering no one, Benson getting 8 yards a carrry before he’s even touched. Where was the pass rush? Nowhere, again. Just like they never got to Ryan, Palmer did what he wanted all day long, no problem. The OLine and running game remain bad, and don’t tell me the line needs time to “adjust”, either. This isn’t training camp any more — either you can play or you can’t, and if you can’t, get out. Overall, there are too many holes that need fixing.

    But to me the most pathetic sign that the makeup of this team is nowhere near the level it needs to be was what we saw from the defense, which was nothing. No swarming, no coverage, no pass rush, missed tackles, nothing. Someone earlier made the point that old school Bears defenses would have made guys like Twittermaster and Benson pay with punishing hits all day long. Instead, there it was at the end, Tommie in a true Hallmark moment in full embrace with old friend Cedric. That’s one of your D :”leaders”, folks, who was either injured or not injured yesterday, depending on who’s talking. Laughing it up with one of the biggest losers the NFL has ever seen. And Briggs and others picking him up a few times after it took 7 freakin’ guys to bring him down. Pathetic.

    I know that all the Benson backers are going to be out in full force, but let me tell you, he lit up a BAD defense for almost 200 yards, and the fact the Bears knew they’d try to do that, and they still did it to that kind of success, means that Lovie calling the plays is not working. The secondary “coverage” out there was also joke — guys wide open, not covered, nothing. rs yesterday, but he’s not going to continue having that kind of success every week. He’s just not that good, and I still stand beside that stance. I actually thought this team could easily get to 10-6, but I now think we’ll be lucky to get to 8-8.

  10. TheBengalsCrushedYou on October 26th, 2009 at 10:27 am

    Good thing you don’t want Cedric back…you can’t have him! And you would be the only team in the NFL that wouldn’t want him. Sour grapes dude! You are so full of it.

  11. The Bears haven’t made the playoffs since Lovie dumped Ron Rivera, and probably never will with Lovie as coach. The great defense of 2005-06 was Rivera’s.

  12. To TheBengalsCrushedYou – even if we got him back (Benson), he would not be able to run like that behind our offensive line. Walter Payton in his prime would not be able to run behind our current offensive line. Our (attempted) run-blocking is atrocious. But, to be fair, every facet of our team looked atrocious yesterday. Thank God for DVR. I was carving pumpkins with my kids and doing worthwhile things with my family and was able to cruise through that game in about 45 minutes, instead of wasting 3 hours watching it live. For some reason, I actually watched the whole thing (not sure why). It was like driving past a car crash. Worst game I think I have seen over the past 25 years of being a Bear fan. I saw only one positive thing out of the whole game. I believe it was the first series, the Bengals were about to score, and Benson ran to the outside, to the right. Hillenmeyer hit him, stood him up, and a few more Bears came in and gang-tackled him. As Hillenmeyer went to get up, he gave Benson a little shove. HH really had a look of disdain on his face for ole CB. I thought I would see more of that from our defense. I really thought I would see some attitude, like they actually gave a shit. But I don’t think they did yesterday. Too bad. Still a Bear’s fan, always will be, but not a happy one.

  13. Horrible display by the Bears. Just a total gutless performance. It made me want to puke. Please beat the hapless Browns. Please?

    Oh and I totally agree about Cutler’s picks, he was just trying to get his team back from a 4+ TD deficit thanks to the horrible defense. Man alive.

  14. To Harry’s point, I did see HH give it to Benson a little bit after making the tackle. It wasn’t much, but at least it showed me a little bit how he was thinking. I really wish he would have followed up on that. What’s pathetic is that this happened in the first quarter, and that was it. I didn’t see anyone else on that entire defense make any kind of statement hit, or any kind of hit for that matter through the entire game. I mean, if Benson/Ochocinco’s trash talking all week doesn’t get you ready to go, what does?

    The next question you have to ask is what kind of a defense in this league thinks it can win games by playing like a bunch of pansies on roller skates, which is exactly what this defense has become, and is an accurate reflection of Lovie himself.

    Yeah, win against the Browns is virtually guaranteed, but I’d be willing to bet the game is no blowout and they have to struggle to win. That’s the way this team is playing right now.

  15. TO me, it seems Rivera was the fire on that defense. Mike Brown and Urlacher were great leaders in the locker room and on the field and neither are out there…Briggs goes out there and tries, but to me hes not as vocal as Brown or Urlacher. But to me it was the coaching of Rivera that got this defense to play the way they did..Rivera from my understanding had pretty good control of the defense and the scheme. He made in-game adjustments (something Lovie doesnt seem to do often) and mixed and toy’d with the Cover 2 to give it an edge. I know many of you will say hes not doing a very good job in San Diego…You’re right he’s not…He’s also lost a third of his defense to injuries. Its an excuse, I know, but we have that same excuse now.

    As far as personnel, we have a gap in the secondary at safety and our linebackers are injured to the deepest depth of our depth charts. Its not good to be missing two starting linebackers. To be shredded the way we were yesterday…Palmer himself did not even see a hand in his face..tells me we will be lucky to grasp .500. TO me this stretch of Cle, Ari, SF, Phi, and Minnesota should tell us where we end up this season.

  16. I thought many of the same things as u folks as i read these blogs. The cover two has been exposed like buddy’s old 46 zone. short of Pace and Cutler what huge free agent has Angelo picked up? Gruden in Chicago would be a Godsend or even Cower. Someone full of piss and vinegar to fire up a team. The soft spoken bit seems to work for dungee sometimes but I think it wears off after awhile.About the bears staff- Babich is a joke always has been. OK college coach but never more than that. Turner stank it up in the 90′s and it will soon span three decades. Angelo is trying now i think. But for how long? LOvie seems to think he can develope his players or bring in old washouts from his old teams. Time for a personal director who knows talent. Hell I would be happy if Ditka or Maden would unretire.

  17. Im not usually one to call for Lovies head, But its time to go.. Whats that Shannahan guy doing?

  18. If the ass-whipping the Bears suffered on Sunday does not open up their eyes nothing will.
    They played with absolutely NO HEART.
    I have seen some bad Bears teams in my life, but the one thing that has kept me a lifelong, diehard fan is the fact that whether da Bears are up by 30 points or down 30 points they fight, scratch, and claw to the point that I feel they are never “out of a game’ That is until I tuned into to the Bears game this Sunday.
    This atrocity I witnessed on Sunday made me feel so many emotions I do not know where to start.
    I am ashamed of them. I am embarrassed for them.
    I have never seen a Bears team like I saw on Sunday.
    Do not get me wrong. I have seen the Bears get beat up pretty good and it sickens me, but i have never seen a Bears team so apathetic and heartless. They lost so casually, like it was just another day at the office.

    I am not calling for Lovie to be fired.
    The team did not try. I have heard criticism of Lovie’s calm demeanor. The fans who are calling for Lovie’s head do not see the big picture. Lovie cannot make his team want the game more than the other team. The Bengals came out with fire in their belly. The Beloved came out with their doey eyes in the headlights.
    Ron Turner is not to blame. He may have had a wonderful game called. The gameplan was pretty much scrapped when the Bears had an almost insurmountable defecit going into the 2nd flipping quarter.
    Did you ever stop to think he calls conservatively because the Bears cannot execute the simplest of offensive calls.
    They could not gain 2 yards on 3 tries multiple times this year!
    That is not on Ron Turner. THat is on THE PLAYERS!!!!!!
    This game maybe the biggest turning point game for any Bears team in history. I really thought the Bears were going to come together agains the Bungles. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see a Bears team as lost, confused, and defeated as the team I saw.

    This game is Gettysburg for the Bears.
    If they cannot pull together after this debacle. Nothing will bring them together.
    Omiyale must be replaced by Beekman today. He has proven he can only play the tackle position. Why doesn’t the coaching staff see this. There is no more time to wait for the line to gel.
    If Pace gets shoved back into the backfield ONE MORE TIME, I say move Chris Williams to left tackls and Omiyale to RT.
    I would rather bench a hall of famer than allow Forte to get hit in the backfield ONE MORE TIME.

    Mark my words. IF the Bears take drastic measures. They must mix up the defenses and stop relying on the outdated Cover 2 so much. MIX IT UP that is why Rivera was such a successful DC because he mixed defensive coverages and disquised them so well.
    I give the D a mulligan on this one. They have had a different linebacking corps every game this year and the disruptive Tommie Harris was out.
    I usually end my comments with the words “GO BEARS” and 4 exclamation points.
    Today, I am too pissed.
    I will end with

  19. Oh yeah nearly forgot. DRASTIC MEASURES
    i believe if the Bears take this one to heart and focus on the prize.
    they may come out of nowhere and actually go deep into the playoffs.
    Lovie Smith has some hard decisions to make but if he makes them and the Bears turn it around, I see them being in the BIG GAME.
    Arizona is a good example.
    If the Bears learn from this game and feel bad enough to never let it happen again and actually cause them to come together.
    I can see them winning 7 of their last 8.
    They simply must decide to come together and execute in all 3 phases.

  20. You are spot on. The cover 2 has been played out. I agree with above who said that Ron Rivera was the fire in their defense. The proof is in the pudding: the defense has been incrementally worse since Rivera left The Bears have routinely let anyone with “heart” go over the past many years, and that includes Thomas Jones, whose presence should have prevented them from ever even drafting Cedric. I was outspoken in this offseason regarding “J Cutler is not the answer.” Nothing against cutler, but the defense has been to blame for most of our losses, especially last year. Orton was a bright spot on a mediocre team. The answer is a house cleaning. Sorry Lovie and Ron, time to go bye bye.

  21. (Note: not the same as upper case “J”eff above.)

    The whole city is full of disgust over yesterday’s game. Radio, TV, blogs. If they don’t come out with bellies full of fire against the Browns next Sunday — and yes, I am a proud to be a “meatball” (or whatever afternoon Scoreboy’s derisive term for those with such sentiments is) — then this team truly has no heart, and that will be a reflection on Lovie’s demeanor.

    Someone above says: “The soft spoken bit seems to work for dungee sometimes … ” Well, true, and with that team why not?

  22. Former Bear Fan on October 26th, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    Bears? Looking like the Cubs now. Wait till next year! Cutler gets an extension? They should have kept Orton and let him play. The Broncos have certainly let him show what he can do. Might be time to say BYE BYE! to Lovie. What’s the Offensive scheme? What’s the Defensive scheme? Oh, I forgot, they have neither!

  23. It appeared to me that it was more important to many of the players to make Bensons day rather that win the game. The pats on the back, the smiles, picking him up after a big’s sickening. I missed Hillenmeyer giving him what he deserved -good for him. As for the rest of it, it IS a reflection of the head coach. All this talk about Lovie giving him a shining review to Cincy. God Damn! That guy cost us two plus seasons of little return on investment. He was THE most uninspired player I’ve seen suit up. Maybe that is OK with one of the most uninspiring coaches. -Enjoy it while it lasts Cincy, Bensons desire will burn out quick.

  24. It was nice to see us bring the “Mug” look out again this Sunday. Oh wait, that is the worst defensive allignment ever! There are these things called linebackers who back up the defensive line and instead of letting them stay off the line and “read and react”, the “Mug” look drives them up to the dline, so that they get caught up in that mess, or they are expected to drop back into coverage which puts them at an extreme disadvantage. My belief is that the only reason that it has ever worked is because they had a middle linebacker with an amazing reaction time, great football instincts, and good/great speed for his size. I have repeatedly said that the reason for decline in Urlacher’s production was his initial starting position when the ball is snapped.

  25. Let me get this straight. Bears Management offers 30M to the “franchise” player, in a team sport, and the “team” fails to show up at the game, i.e., offensive line and the defense. What’s wrong with this picture? Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe the timing was bad. Maybe, the TEAM should share in profits and pay raises.

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